Although we don’t think it will ever happen to us, accidents at work are common. So, it’s essential that we understand what steps to follow should we be involved in one. If you want to know what to do after an accident at work, below are some of the steps you must follow:

Concentrate on Your Health

The most important thing you should do if you are involved in an accident at work is to look after your health. In the immediate aftermath of the accident, you should be treated by one of the workplace first-aiders.

If this fails to happen, this could represent a failure on your employer’s behalf, as every workplace is required to have a designated first aider and a fully-stocked first aid kit. After this, you should visit your doctor, or if your injuries are severe, the emergency room to be assessed by a fully qualified medical professional.

Report the Accident

Once you have received treatment and know the extent of your injuries, the next step is to report the accident to your manager. You will need to follow your organization’s accident reporting procedures.

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Ensure the Accident is Recorded

All businesses in the U.S. are required to have an accident book. No matter how minor your injuries are, you must record them in this book. If your employer is reluctant to record the accident, email them or write to them so that you have proof you have tried to report it.

Get Your Colleagues on Board

If any of your colleagues witnessed the accident, you will want to get them on board. However, this isn’t the only reason you should tell them. It can also help prevent similar accidents in the future.

Collect Any Evidence

It is often not possible to take photos and videos of the accident location; however, if you can, it is a great idea. These photos can help a judge decide who is to blame should you choose to seek compensation.

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As well as taking photos, it’s also a good idea to collect your medical records from your doctor to support your story and keep a diary of any symptoms that have occurred since the accident.

Keep Track of Your Expenses

Many people are unable to work after an accident at work. This can mean that they are left out of pocket. To try and recoup money lost, it’s a good idea to keep track of any medical expenses and any losses you have suffered (such as wages).

Consider Making a Claim

If you decide to make a claim, the next step is to contact a lawyer who deals in accident-at-work claims. However, before you do this, you must be aware that there are different types of accidents at work attorneys. For example, if the accident was the fault of both your employer and a third party, you will need to contact experienced cause-of-action attorneys.

Hundreds of thousands of accidents – many life-threatening – occur in U.S. workplaces each year. However, despite it being such a common occurrence, most employees do not know what to do if they are involved in one. This can significantly impact their chances of compensation, should they wish to apply for it. So, ensure you know what to do if you’re involved in an accident at work.