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HiBob Inc. understands the importance of planning for a vibrant future. Our company strives for long-term success, which begins with taking proactive steps to prepare for potential obstacles and opportunities. To do so, HiBob Inc. has aligned our mission and vision with several objectives to move our business into the future.

The following will outline HiBob’s plans for success:

  • Strengthening existing services and products alongside introducing new services and products in line with emerging customer needs
  • Aggressively expand our presence in targeted markets
  • Utilise digital solutions to enhance customer experiences
  • Structured talent acquisition with emphasis on resources that provide an opportunity to harness innovation
  • Continuous development of resources & competencies in targeted areas that are relevant and valuable to HiBob

Overview of HiBob

HiBob is a software development solution platform that enables companies to source and manage contract software developers. Founded in 2017, the platform has attracted significant investment from industry leaders such as General Atlantic.

With the recent $150M Series D up-round led by General Atlantic, HiBob is now in a prime position to capitalise on their unprecedented business momentum and move forward with their plans for the future.


HiBob is the leading provider of employee recognition, scheduling software, and comprehensive workforce management tools. It offers fast, easy, and secure recognition systems for companies of all sizes looking to enhance productivity and engagement among their teams. With a single click, managers can recognize the exceptional effort of their employees for jobs well done, helping to boost morale and drive performance. In addition, HiBob offers several customizable plans designed to fit the needs of different organizations.

HiBob provides end-to-end shift management solutions supporting everything from automated scheduling to staff availability tracking. With a strong API layer and customization capabilities, managers can scale effortlessly as their teams grow or operations expand or shift locations. In addition, the comprehensive nature of HiBob enables all team members to stay connected wherever on any platform — making it highly valuable for businesses that span multiple geographies or manage hundreds or thousands of employees across multiple sites.

Finally, its groundbreaking SMS bot feature has revolutionised employee engagement by providing 24/7 access to rewards through instant targeted communications with individual workers in real time — delivering a personalised customer experience from anywhere at any time — with no human involvement required. In addition, HiBob works hard everyday to have its features updated regularly so that users benefit from new features sooner as well as continued support for existing ones – this makes it one of the most up-to-date workforce management tools available today and a leader in employee recognition technology space for companies ranging from small startups to Fortune 500s alike.

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Product Overview

HiBob is a provider of technology services, enabling customers to create and manage projects securely in the cloud. By leveraging our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, customers can quickly launch and manage projects from any device, anywhere in the world. Our platform provides a comprehensive set of tools for designing, building and managing cloud projects with a minimal need for technical knowledge or resources.

Our current product portfolio covers various areas from content creation/management to project development to general automation. Our spectrum of services includes basic design, coding & customization through complex integration solutions for many businesses seeking to maximise efficiency, convenience and scalability in their operations.

HiBob’s roadmap includes implementing new features such as Voice Assistants integration and Data Analytics functions so our customers can access advanced insights into their projects. HiBob has also developed powerful APIs that allow integration with platforms such as Salesforce, IBM Watson and more; so customers can make their data more accessible across departments while remaining secure on our platform. We are also constantly looking at new customer segments who would benefit greatly from our unique solutions over existing offerings on the market.

HiBob raises $150M Series D up-round led by General Atlantic to capitalise on significant business momentum

HiBob, a startup providing online banking solutions to individuals and businesses, recently announced the completion of a $150 million Series D up-round of funding led by General Atlantic.

This raise will be used to capitalise on the company’s significant business momentum and the optimism surrounding the prospects of the fintech sector.

This article will delve into the details of this funding round, and discuss HiBob’s plans for the future.

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Series D up-round

HiBob recently announced its successful completion of its Series D funding round, raising $43 million. This latest funding puts HiBob’s total venture capital raised to $104 million, accelerating their growth and indicating increased investor confidence in the company.

The series D up-round was led by Tiger Global Management with participation from previous investors including FirstMark Capital and Amplify Partners. With this new influx of capital, HiBob plans to focus on shifting towards a cloud-based product roadmap and continue to expand their customer base. Additionally, they will use this round to grow their team and initiate a US expansion plan.

This Series D up-round is a testament to HiBob’s ability to continuously innovate and grow as a company, now boasting customers in over 28 countries across 6 continents. Customers include leading Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Samsung, Marshalls and many more who have benefited from HiBob’s all-in-one TMS platform for data storage, analytics, and easy asset sharing amongst departments or local offices.

londonbased hibob hr 150m series atlanticlundentechcrunch

Investment from General Atlantic

HiBob, Inc. is delighted to announce that it recently received a strategic investment from General Atlantic (GA), a leading global growth equity firm. HiBob, which provides innovative connections between employers and job-seekers through its platform, will use the investment to sharpen its focus on mission-driven product development, build a best-in-class engineering and design team, and drive global growth.

Since its founding in 2014, HiBob has grown rapidly. Today, hundreds of organisations worldwide use it as their platform of choice for talent acquisition. GA’s investment will enable HiBob to accelerate product development and engineering efforts while expanding into more markets worldwide. Specifically, HiBob plans to use GA’s resources to continue developing features that make recruiting faster and easier for employers and job seekers, create premier educational content for both groups and hire A+ engineering talent from across the U.S., Europe and Asia Pacific regions with GA’s support.

The terms of the deal have not been disclosed at this time; however, we are thrilled to partner with General Atlantic—a renowned company with world class expertise in business operations—as we continue our mission to make career discovery simple for everyone involved in the process.

HiBob’s Plans for the Future

HiBob has recently secured a $150M Series D up-round led by General Atlantic. This is a sign of the company’s significant business momentum and a great opportunity for the organisation to capitalise on their success. HiBob is now looking to further invest in their growth and expansion.

In this article, let’s look at some of HiBob’s plans for the future.

Expansion of Product Offerings

HiBob is eager to expand its product offerings to meet the needs of its current and future customers. We are continuously looking to improve the quality of our products, strengthen our current relationships, and create new partnerships that can benefit both parties. We currently offer a variety of products with a wide range of prices and features, but we want to continuously provide our customers with more options.

We are looking to add new items that fulfil customer’s needs while maintaining the same quality and affordability that we are known for. This may include premium, specialty items or additions to existing product lines. We also want these new offerings to facilitate customer engagement by capitalising on loyalty programs such as HiBob Rewards or referral incentives like HiBob Refer-A-Friend.

We aim to provide our customers with all the items they need in one place, at an affordable price and delivered promptly. In addition, by offering different types of products from various partners, we’ll be able to meet all kinds of customer needs and create loyal relationships for years to come.

Expansion of Global Presence

HiBob’s revenue has grown substantially over the past two years and the company is working hard to expand its global presence. HiBob is focused on creating strategic partnerships with international companies and establishing offices in multiple countries. This will allow HiBob to benefit from the knowledge of local markets, leverage cultural differences for competitive advantage, and tap into a larger consumer base.

To help facilitate this expansion, HiBob plans to hire more employees in key areas of the world. Furthermore, to serve its customers better, it aims to create inclusive products tailored to different cultures. By doing this, HiBob will be able to better provide unique services for its growing number of global customers.

In addition to expanding its physical presence, HiBob is investing heavily in improving its online presence. This includes increasing its online marketing campaigns, improving website design and usability, creating social media profiles and blogs worldwide, and further developing mobile applications that can take advantage of global connectivity. These improvements will ensure that customers have consistent access to information related to our products and services at all times regardless of their location or device type being used.

HiBob expects these efforts will increase their customer base exponentially while creating new opportunities for growth across the globe over time. Additionally, the company anticipates that continuously adapting their international strategy will build stronger relationships with their current customers while gaining access to new markets beyond those currently available in East Asia and North America.

Investment in AI and Machine Learning

One of the major goals set out by HiBob is to invest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) infrastructure, which could result in the development of technologies that can increase efficiency within the company.

HiBob plans to explore and experiment with various new technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computational Linguistics which are becoming increasingly popular in the current tech market. This type of technology would enable better interaction between consumers and HiBob products and allow for personalised marketing campaigns through data collection.

Additionally, these advances could provide improved accuracy on predicting outcomes within business decisions while allowing for a deeper understanding of customer needs through more personalised product recommendations. By investing heavily into AI and ML technology, HiBob can revolutionise how it interacts with its customers while expanding its potential for future growth.