Slot machines are the most common gambling game out there. It’s a game that mostly depends on luck since it’s based on the random number generator. That means that there’s little a player can do to increase their odds of winning.

There are also other and less reputable ways to increase your chances, however. These are basically cheating, and you can get in trouble for using some of them. In most cases, the casinos can throw you out and ban you from playing again.

Cheat Codes

When it comes to knowing how to cheat slot machines, you need to know how slot machines work, but you’ll do best if you know about the IT components of the game. That means you can use cheat codes to beat the game simply by entering the code, which will be interpreted as a win for you.

There are examples that engineers and IT experts have done just that, but they have also been caught in the process, so be careful if you plan to try it. In both known cases, the engineers were hired to service the machine and rigged it to their advantage.

Fake Coins

This is an option that will only work in a real-life casino, and those are becoming rare. Slot machines are coin-operated, and you enter a coin into the machine in order to use it. One of the ways to cheat the machine is to play with a fake coin that the machine will recognize.

This doesn’t affect your chances of winning this game, but it does mean that you won’t lose any of your own money when you do lose. The game is still based on a random number generator, and you’ll end up losing a few turns.

A Magnet

This is another cheat that only works if you’re playing in a real-life casino. It can’t work on modern slot machines, however, since there are no moving parts that you can attract with a magnet. Older mechanical machines, however, can be cheated with an ordinary magnet by moving certain parts within the machine.

The reel spins within the machine, and you can change the way it goes by putting a magnet on the machine and changing its direction. When it comes to electric machines used in most modern casinos, there’s no physical wheel anymore.

Light Wand

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A light wand is a device that’s used to cheat electronic slot machines. It needs to be used close to the machine, and it will change the outcome of the game in your favor. This is done by blinding the sensor within the slot machine and increasing the chances that you get a jackpot.

However, there are still a few technical issues to take into account. The first of these is how to get the machine inside the casino and how to take it out so that no one sees that you’re using it. This is getting increasingly difficult when casinos are covered with cameras.

Piano Wire

This used to be a common trick with real-life casinos, and it’s rather a simple one. However, it’s almost no chance that it can be used with a modern slot machine. A wire used in a piano can be attached to the slot machine, and you can rig it to your advantage.

This won’t work with an electric machine, and it won’t work in a modern casino that is covered with cameras, and you can’t possibly bring a piano wire inside. The last known case when someone cheated on a slot game was in the 80s.

Top-Bottom Joint

The top-bottom joint was also used in the 70s and 80s, and those that have used it have had some luck with it. The tool is split into two parts, the top of which is a metal rod, and the bottom is a long wire you can use to rig the machine.

The wire part goes through the coin chute, and the rod goes through the coin slot. None of these can be used with an electric machine, and you won’t be able to get the device inside a modern casino unless you have someone on the inside to help you out.

A Bill Validator Device

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This is a simple device that may sometimes be smuggled into a modern casino. The device is used to deceive the cash reader as to what kind of bill you’re using and trying to get into the machine. This means that once you use the device, the slot machine will read one-dollar bills as $100 bills, and therefore you’ll end up multiplying your winning with no cost at all.

As is the case with other devices that you need to bring inside the casino and use close to the slot machine, the biggest issue will be how to get the device past the security.

What Happens if You Get Caught?

There are a few things that can happen if a casino catches you trying to cheat at a slot game. You can get thrown out of a casino at the moment. You can also get banned from the casino at all times, which sometimes happens right away and sometimes only if you repeat the offense.

The worse way to go is for the casino to alarm the police, and that means that you may need to pay a fine or even face jail time once you are convicted of cheating.