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Of course, nothing is thrilling or exciting about drivers getting hurt. However, fortunately, on most occasions, they escape collisions completely uninjured.

Yet, what happened in the 1998 Belgian F1 Grand Prix was something crazy and unexpected. This event is remembered mainly by what happened during its start rather than by who won it. Therefore, the 1xBet online bookmaker is an exciting platform to wager whenever these events occur.

A Complete Havoc at the Beginning of the Race

It should be stated that this race, celebrated on the 30th of August 1998, started not once but twice. The weather during the start of the race was stormy, making the track quite slippery for all drivers. Before other races of such a level of difficulty, you can visit 1xbet.com/en/casino – best online casino live is full of extraordinary forms of entertainment.

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Before the first curve, David Coulthard lost control of his vehicle. This led to a collision that involved 13 cars in total. The scenes were even more impressive for those watching the TV broadcast.

Spectators saw the cars disappearing behind the mist, and suddenly, the vehicles and pieces of those vehicles emerged flying from it. It was clear that something significant had happened. The best online live casino is the one provided by 1xBet, and it can be visited before the following great Formula 1 Grand Prix.

The scene was total chaos. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. However, the red flag was shown immediately, and as a result, the event was stopped until further notice. Immediately, multiple crews jumped into the track and started cleaning.

Second Start

Back then, Formula 1 teams were allowed to have spare cars ready to go. For this reason, most drivers could restart the race after clearing the track. In addition, it is possible to visit the website 1xBet – watch live matches today and also great Formula 1 events.

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Four drivers didn’t return to the race; they were:

● Rubens Barrichello;

● Olivier Panis;

● Mika Salo;

● and Ricardo Rosset.

The race was won by Damon Hill. The other two drivers that completed the podium were Ralf Schumacher and Jean Alesi. This was one of the craziest and most chaotic races in F1 history. Thankfully, nobody suffered any injury. Punters can watch live matches and events today at 1xBet, which is also full of excellent Formula 1 events.