The main theme of the book is learning to find courage in your darkest moments and still finding a way forward. This story follows two boys on their journey through the foster care system as they try to figure out how life will go for them when they’re old enough to make decisions about living independently. The protagonist, Kash, has trouble adjusting from being homeless with his mom and older brother after staying with various family members before ending up at an abusive home. As he grows into a teenager, he starts struggling more often than not but thankfully finds relationships that help him feel worthy once again.

The “theme of tangerine part 1” is the main theme of the book Tangerine. The book talks about a young woman who has to go through many hardships but still manages to be happy.

What is the main theme of the book tangerine? |

Explanation and Answer: Tangerine’s major topic is that keeping the truth hidden may be harmful. Throughout the story, Paul is torn between the thought that he may be able to help others and the concept that he might be able to help

With this in mind, what is the tangerine book’s lesson?

One of the themes is that you should confront and conquer your fears. One of the themes was Paul’s fear of his brother, which he eventually overcame. Another theme is to be truthful to your family. Paul’s parents lied to him about numerous things, thus I believe this is a trend.

Also, why did Bloor use the word tangerine? Tangerine was written by Edward Bloor with the intention of entertaining. Authors normally try to entertain, enlighten, or convince readers about a certain point of view, but this book is simply pure eccentric enjoyment centered on wacky, unusual people, places, and things.

Aside from that, what is the narrative of Tangerine?

It’s a coming-of-age narrative about Fisher, Paul, who is twelve years old when his family moves to Tangerine County, Florida. The tale revolves on Paul’s relationship with his elder brother and delves into topics of bullying, prejudice, and bravery.

What is the tangerine’s setting?

Setting. This narrative is set in Florida with a little amount of time spent in Houston, Texas. Lake Windsor Downs, Lake Windsor Middle School, Tangerine, Tangerine Middle School, and Tomas Cruz Groves are the locations in Florida where it takes place. The year in which this narrative is set is sometime around the 1990s.

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In tangerine, what does the sinkhole represent?

The pit in Paul’s life symbolized how he believed his whole life had been a deception, and that when he finally discovered the truth, everything fell apart, and he felt the weight of the world lift off his shoulders. The termites depict how he felt as though he was being eaten away on the inside while seeming to be in excellent condition on the outside.

What is the tangerine’s climax?

Erik’s beating of Tino is the climax. Erik is found by Luis. Erik orders Arthur to strike him with a night stick (or blackjack), which he does, and he dies as a result.

What impact does the sinkhole have on Paul’s life?

Paul’s Life Was Changed By A Sink Hole If he stayed at Lake Windsor, the sinkhole demolished the outdoor pods where his lessons were held, and his timetable would be drastically altered. Because the exterior had been damaged, the intention was to have various grades attend to school at different times to conserve room.

How did Paul’s visual impairment assist him in dealing with the challenging children at Tangerine Middle School?

Erik and his accomplice spray-painted Paul’s eyes in retaliation for one of Erik’s petty transgressions. Paul compares Erik, who vents his violence and sadism on Paul whenever their parents aren’t looking, to the Tangerine Middle School tough guys, who let off steam by karate chopping each other and making obscene comments.

What causes the tangerine muck fire?

Underground fires are known as muck fires. They normally begin when rotting foliage catches fire, which is commonly caused by the heat created by lightning strikes. The muck fire near Paul’s home in Tangerine was started by a lightning strike.

In Tangerine, what is the major conflict?

The novel’s central battle pits Paul against himself as he tries to reclaim his history, rebuild his self-esteem, and overcome his crippling dread. Erik and Paul’s fights are classic instances of man vs. man.

What is the meaning of a tangerine?

Tangerine is a symbol for fresh beginnings, happiness, satisfaction, vitality, motivation, lies, betrayal, and relationships. If you give him sour tangerines, however, it suggests you are envious of his success in your daily life. It’s a terrible omen if you dream about eating sour tangerines.

In Tangerine, why did Arthur kill Luis?

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Luis developed an aneurysm, which is a weakness in the arterial wall that allows the artery to spread out and potentially rupture spontaneously or in reaction to an injury. He was struck on a Tuesday and died six days later.

What is the origin of the name tangerine?

Tangerine was picked as the film’s title as orange became the predominate color after the saturation was increased in post-production. They support their claim with the following comment from the director (Sean Baker): “The world [in the film] is so colorful, and the ladies are so colorful,” Baker added.

In tangerine, what does the zombie represent?

Answer and explanation: The zombie in Tangerine is a metaphor for Paul’s unremembered history. The zombie first appears in the novel’s prologue and is linked to Paul and his family.

Why is the title of the book Tangerine?

This book’s title, Tangerine, is really fantastic. The location of their new house in Tangerine is crucial to the plot—for more information, see “Setting.” It’s the name of the school to which Paul eventually transfers, where he finally meets friends and feels at ease.

Is Erik going to perish in tangerine?

Then he smacks Paul’s pal Tino in the head. After telling Arthur to attack Luis with a blackjack, he succumbs to an aneurism. Then we learn that he and Arthur have been robbing their neighbors. Erik’s football season is forfeited once the murder tale is uncovered, and he falls from favor.

In tangerine, what is Paul’s grade?

Fisher, Paul

The main character is a twelve-year-old seventh-grader. He is lawfully deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly dea

In tangerine, what grade is Erik?

Erik Fisher is a writer who lives in New York

In fifth grade, he and his friend vanda were already in trouble.

Who is Fisher, Paul in tangerine?

It’s weird—Fisher, Paul is the main character in Tangerine, but he doesn’t feel like the main character in his own life. His big brother Erik is the star of the family, and his parents spend most of their time fawning over him, and ignoring Paul.

Vincent Castor is a character in the film Vincent Castor, who was he?

Vincent Castor is a character in the film Vincent Castor

When Paul was around five years old, Vincent was the one who sprayed the paint in his eyes. Paul became legally blind as a result of the incident, yet Vincent faces no repercussions. Because of the comparable position Arthur plays in Erik’s life, Erik labels Arthur “Castor” late in the novel.

In tangerine, what is Paul’s father’s name?

Paul’s dad is unabashedly living vicariously through Erik. The Erik Fisher is a writer who lives in New York Football Dream is actually the Mr. Fisher Football Dream. He goes around telling everyone he’s “always regretted not being big enough to play football” at college (1.3.