Online gambling has been available to residents of New Jersey since 2013. Since then, it has become a popular pastime in the state and has contributed vast amounts of money to the local economy through tax payments.

While existing players may already have their favorite sites to visit, newcomers may be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices available. To make finding the perfect online casino (or other gambling adventure) easier, we’ve compiled this handy guide to gambling in the Garden State.

Gambling Laws in New Jersey

Lotteries have been legalized under the N.J.S.A 5:9-1 to 25 law since 1969. The New Jersey Lottery Commission, a registered division of the Department of Treasury, oversees all lotteries in the region.

Following the success of the lottery, the Casino Control Act of 1977 officially legalized casinos. This act, which is still in force today, made provision for the establishment of physical casinos and helped the explosive growth of places like Atlantic City.

As home to gambling hubs like Atlantic City, it is no surprise that New Jersey is one of the forerunning US states. Online gambling (excluding sports betting) was made legal in 2013. The Division of Gaming Enforcement, a governing body established under the Casino Control Act, issues and manages operator licenses.

Since 2018, sports betting has also become incredibly popular. After the Supreme Court ruled that individual states could choose to legalize this form of gambling, New Jersey was one of the first to do so. With existing frameworks established in 2012, the state went live with legal sports betting just three days after the court ruling.

Ways to Gamble Online

With the Garden State’s iGaming industry flourishing, players have plenty of opportunities to access legal gambling while at home or on the go.

Online Casinos

One of the most popular ways players can experience the thrill of gambling is through the many available online casinos. With over 30 licensed providers in the state, New Jersey’s newest gambling sites offer literally thousands of ways to win.


There are many benefits to wagering at these online casinos, not the least of which is access to thousands of entertaining games that provide as much entertainment as thrills. Alongside the games are a variety of payment methods and helpful customer support.

One of the biggest attractions for almost all online casinos in the region is the bonuses and promotions they offer. Particularly for new players, welcome bonuses can significantly increase the amount you have to play with and enhance your gambling experience.

Another benefit of online casinos that New Jersey residents are keen to take advantage of is their accessibility. With most sites optimized for mobile devices and some even having dedicated apps, gambling securely and smartly while on the move has never been easier.

Physical Casinos

Despite the boom of online gambling in the state, physical casinos remain prominent in the overall gambling scene. In 2023 alone, more than $2.8 billion was paid out to gamblers who visited traditional brick-and-mortar casinos in the region.

Most are located in Atlantic City, commonly called the Las Vegas of the East Coast. A.C. is home to nine casinos, including Hard Rock and Borgata, some of the biggest names in gambling.

One of the best reasons to visit these physical casinos is that they offer the glamorous atmosphere of a gambling hub that many online casinos fail to provide. This heightens the gambling adventure and places you amid the action, where you can witness others winning and (hopefully) celebrating your significant wins as well.


As of 2023, the lottery remains the most popular way to gamble in the state. Playing the lotto accounts for 73% of all gambling undertaken, showing that the age-old way of trying your luck by choosing numbers is still firmly ingrained in the culture.

This success of the lottery can be attributed to the many great games available to players. Aside from the world-famous Mega Millions and US Powerball, the state has various other options to choose from. These include Pick-3, Pick-4, Jersey Cash 5, Cash4Life, and Cash Pop.


In addition to offering great games, lotteries in New Jersey can also be played online—making them more convenient for players and encouraging more gameplay. Sites like Jackpocket and allow you to legally purchase tickets if you can’t reach any of the authorized retailers in the state.

Sports Betting

Sports betting has experienced the most prolific growth of all gambling methods. As mentioned, this form of wagering was only legalized in 2018 but has since generated billions in revenue, with November 2023 reaching a record of $1.62 billion.

There are multiple reasons for this explosive growth. The primary reason is that online bookmakers are easily accessible, with 27 sports books currently operating in the area. Some of these are operated by existing casino brands in the region, adding further credibility for new players.

Like online casinos, sports books are popular among online gamblers due to the generous welcome packages and promotions they commonly offer. These packages are meant to incentivize players by rewarding them just for registering an account and starting to place bets on the many sports offered.


Despite worries that gambling addiction is on the rise in the state, high-risk problem gambling has fallen in recent months as players responsibly take to online platforms. With the many options to gamble available, these players are making the most of the benefits of online gambling and the thrills that come with it.

As such, there is no doubt that gambling in New Jersey will continue to grow. If you’re new to it, accessing any of the forms of wagering listed above is a great way to have some fun and stand a chance to win something that may put a few dollars in your pocket, if not change your life.