Whether you are environmentally conscious, looking to make more space in your home, or need to make a little extra money, you may be interested in selling some of the items in your home. With an increasing number of second-hand selling sites becoming popular, there is definitely a market for buying used items.

Clothes, books, toys, and jewelry can all be sold if you need space or cash or just know that you will never use the items again. Where previously, many of us would have donated the items we no longer need, selling unwanted items is becoming increasingly popular.

You can use numerous sites to sell unwanted items from your home; alternatively, you can donate them to a thrift store or sell them to an actual store. So, which is the easiest, and are there any benefits or risks to removing items from your home?


Many of us have donated items we no longer need in the past. The process of donating to a thrift store or shelter is not complicated. Most places you wish to donate will have a list of items they can and cannot accept. If your item is on the can-accept list, you can just drop it off.


With larger items, you may need to call ahead to advise them that you are bringing them down to ensure the store has storage. Also, for bigger items or house clearances, some stores or shelters will come to your property and remove the items to save you from hiring vans to transport them.

The only risk with donating items is that some may not be accepted, and you would need to find another way to dispose of them.

Selling Online

Selling unwanted items online has always been popular; however, its popularity has grown considerably in recent years. With more websites and apps than ever before to facilitate selling, it is as easy as snapping a photograph and uploading it to your chosen site.

You can showcase your items and sell them with the option of delivery or for the buyer to collect in person. You can discuss the items with prospective buyers and send them more information or photos if necessary.

If you are selling items that could be faked, you may wish to get a certificate of authentication to help you get the best price. You can authenticate jewelry on to provide proof to buyers.


There is a small risk of items going missing in the post; however, the selling sites will insure the items to ensure you are compensated if they are lost. Also, there is a risk of giving out your home address, so you may wish to pick a public place if you are meeting in person.

Selling to a Store

Selling to a store is a quick and easy process. You show them the item you are selling, and they give you a valuation and quote for what they will pay. However, you will often need to provide the item in person rather than a photograph to get the quote, so this can be difficult for larger items.