Are you a real football fanatic? Then football betting at non GamStop bookmakers might be something for you. If you are involved in football betting, you bet on the matches of your favorite football teams. Not only do you now have a good excuse to watch every match, but you can also earn real money.

And if you are good at football betting, then the income is not bad. On this page, you can read more about football betting.

Why Bet on Football at Non-GamStop Bookmakers?

More and more football fans are actively involved in football betting. This is not the case for nothing. If you bet on football matches, you can focus on what you like.

You can watch all the football matches of your favorite team or teams and also earn money from them. And do you have a lot of football knowledge? Then, your winnings can become very high. A lot of money is involved in football betting, and real football fanatics, in particular, regularly earn high profits.

Moreover, betting on football matches gives extra excitement. It is already exciting to watch a match of your favorite football team, but this match becomes even more exciting when money is involved.

Many people enjoy the thrill of betting at non GamStop bookmakers and cite this as an important reason to place bets regularly.

Bankroll Management

The so-called bankroll is the total amount that a player can make available for betting. For example, do you have a salary of 2,000 euros and 1,400 euros in fixed costs? Then your bankroll is, in principle, 600 euros. If you want to bet for a maximum of 200 euros per month, your bankroll is 200 euros per month.

This way, you avoid spending your entire bankroll on football bets in a short time, making it no longer possible to continue betting or forcing you to spend more money on football betting.

In the context of bankroll management, many gamblers bet a certain part of the bankroll. For example, do you have a bankroll of 200 euros? Then, you do not bet this amount on one match but split it over several long-term bets. With this form of bankroll management, you will enjoy your bankroll more, and you can also prevent financial problems.

Live Betting

It is also possible to place live bets on football matches. This means that you place another bet during a football match.

If you have a clearer picture of the course of a football match, you can still place a bet.

Tips to Make a Profit on Football Betting at Non-GamStop Bookmakers?

Do you want to start football betting soon? Then we would like to give you some tips to make as much profit as possible.

Tip 1. Choose the Right Match

We recommend that you place a bet on a match with good odds. Before placing a bet, first research the two teams: Are any players injured? Are any players suspended?


How have the teams performed in recent years? If you have a clear picture of both teams, then you have a clear picture of the odds. This makes placing a bet on the right match and team easier.

Tip 2. Choose the Right Bookmaker Without GamStop

There are many non-GamStop bookmakers active. Every bookmaker uses its odds. By comparing non-GamStop bookmakers, you will automatically find the best party to place your football bets.

Also, pay attention to promotions and bonuses because these can make a bookmaker a lot more interesting.

Tip 3. Bet Just Before the Match

Just before a match starts, the two teams’ lineups are announced. This setup is very important in football betting. We therefore recommend that you only place a bet just before the match, when the lineups of both teams are known.

Tip 4. Never Bet Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

Have you been drinking a lot or using drugs? Then it’s better to ignore those football bets for a while. Alcohol and drugs affect your decision-making ability.

This means that you make fewer good decisions under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs than when you are sober.

Types of Football Bets

Now that you’re familiar with the basics let’s look at some common types of football bets:

Single Bet

This is the simplest type of football betting, where you bet on a single outcome, for example, on the winner of the match. If you guess correctly, you win your bet.


With an accumulator bet, you wager on multiple markets simultaneously. You must predict all selections correctly to win your ACCA bet.


Although the potential payout is higher, winning is more difficult because all selections must be correct.

Over/Under Bet

With this bet, you predict whether a match’s total number of goals will be above or below a certain number. This is a popular market for people who love goals.

Handicap Bet

A handicap bet is used when a match has a clear favorite. The team with the handicap starts with a virtual lead or disadvantage. You then bet on whether the favorite team will overcome the handicap or not.


Football betting can be an exciting and entertaining way to enjoy your favorite sport. However, playing responsibly and understanding the basics of betting is of utmost importance before risking your money. Follow the tips for beginners and enjoy the adventure.