Hold a finger if you watched the 2024 Super Bowl hosted in Las Vegas’ new stadium. If you’re holding up a finger, know you’re not alone because 67.8 million Americans joined you to witness the Chiefs tackle the 49ers. They felt everything you did when the opposing team scored a touchdown, the tension when your center made the snap and the exhilaration of not knowing what would happen next.

And a large percentage of them put their money where their mouth is, backing their team to make them big bucks, which is why the Super Bowl raked in billions of dollars this year.

The event has remained one of America’s finest since 1966, and there seems to be no slowing. In light of recent developments, what does the Super Bowl mean for America? Why were Californians and some other states exempted from betting on the game, and what other options do they have?

Let’s talk about it. 

Super Bowl Statistics 

The American Gaming Association estimated that in 2024, 67.8 million American adults would bet on Super Bowl LVIII – an astonishing 35% increase from the data recorded in 2023. In 2023 the Super Bowl raked in $16 billion in revenue; in 2024, the Big Game is expected to bring in $23.1 billion. One of the main factors responsible for this is the location of this year’s edition – Sin City itself, Las Vegas. 

In his speech, CEO and president of the American Gaming Association, Bill Miller, stated, “As the Super Bowl comes to Las Vegas for the first time, this year’s record interest in wagering marks a full circle moment for the U.S. gaming industry.” As such, the priority remains to maximize every opportunity by investing in decent and secure gambling safeguards, tools, and education and providing consumer protection practices that come as a perk of regulated gambling markets. 

How Does the Super Bowl Impact America’s Economy?

The Super Bowl, which attracts a great audience from all over America’s broadcasts, ranks as one of the world’s most-watched single sporting events, coming in second place just below the UEFA Champions League final.

During the Super Bowl, commercial airtime is at its most expensive due to the advertisements put up by companies. The Super Bowl is also the second-largest event for American food consumption, beaten only by Thanksgiving. 

Why California and Few Others Can’t Place Bets on the Super Bowl

On Super Sunday, the 49ers of Francisco played against the Kansas City Chiefs in Las Vegas’ new stadium. This matchup was primed to stoke the fires of American passions and make the already football-crazy nation even more football-crazy, a consistent strategy that has led to the Super Bowl being one of the most bet-on events in America. 

Gambling is legal in several American states, and while residents of these states enjoy their sports betting experience in line with their states’ regulations, California will take no part in gambling of any form as, sadly, gambling is not as yet legal in the state. California online gambling is also not functional from within the state, and gaming within its boundaries is limited to horse racing, tribal casinos, lottery, and poker only. 

What Are Gambling Options in California?

Compared to other states where gambling is legal, California has fewer gaming options. However, sports bettors resident in California can make their pick from this list. 

Tribal Casinos

The 69 licensed tribal casinos in California have poker, where players can bet against each other, and card games like blackjack and baccarat, lottery, and slot games, where players have to bet against the house. 

Card Rooms

The card rooms in California do not have games where players can bet against the house, but for games like poker and pai-gow, any of the 84 licensed card rooms is where you should go. You can always bet against other players, showing off your superior card skills. 


Gas stations, convenience stores, and about 23,000 retailers across California sell lottery tickets you can purchase to stand a chance to win the MegaMillions and PowerBall prizes. Who knows? You might be the next big winner. 

Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the famous options among Californian bettors. You can conveniently watch and bet on horse racing with four private horse racing tracks, five racing fairs, and 23 simulcast locations. Provided you have an online advance deposit wagering, the simulcast locations allow you to place your bet anywhere in the state. 

Charitable Gaming 

Unlike in states like Hawaii, Utah, and California, non-profit organizations can host raffles and card nights for noble causes, and counties and cities can do the same with bingo for charitable purposes. If you are passionate about helping those in need, you should get involved as your winnings are channeled towards a noble cause.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are online casinos legal in California? 

Online casinos have yet to be legal in California. However, California is teeming with over 60 tribal casinos regulated by the Native American tribes registered in the state. These tribal casinos are the only places you can visit within the state to get your fill of casino games. If horse racing catches your fancy, California permits that as well. 

What does Taylor Swift have to do with the Super Bowl?

It’s no news that pop superstar Taylor Swift is Travis’ – Chiefs star tight end – sweetheart, and news of her presence at the Super Bowl has got many people more interested in the sport. 

Speaking on the topic, Cait DeBaun, Gaming Association’s vice president, disclosed that Taylor Swift was only one part of the reason, citing “The compelling matchup,” legalization of sports betting in the U.S., and the game being hosted by Las Vegas as factors that resulted in 73% of adults – 10% higher than previous years – watching the game in 2024. 


Apart from raking in tons of money, the Super Bowl yearly upholds U.S. tradition and shows the unity of the American states. It has stood the test of time and has made its mark in the hearts of many, and as such, remains a firm favorite among Americans. With the growth of sports betting in several U.S. states, one can only hope that the next season will be as impressive as the record-breaking Super Bowl of 2024.