Are you having a sudden toothache or need a complex treatment that exceeds your financial possibilities? Local dental care might be expensive and get you waiting for weeks until the visit. If you have not tried dental tourism, now is a great time! You will gain many benefits – and a healthy smile is only one.

Cheaper dental care

It would help if you were always prepared for big expenses when it comes to dental treatment. There are multiple reasons why people choose tannlege i utlandet, and money is one of them. How much does it cost to visit abroad? It all depends on the destination. In Poland, dental tourism is very popular, mainly because of top service quality and reasonable prices. Each visit might be even 60% cheaper than in your hometown.

Indexmedica, a Polish dental clinic in Krakow, is one of the best ones in Poland. Nevertheless, its price list is highly affordable for the average inhabitant of England, Wales, or Scandinavian countries. English-speaking specialists provide complex treatments for foreign patients without any communication boundaries. If you are looking for savings but still expect quality service, consider Krakow in your dental trip.

Certified specialists

Polish dentists are renowned for their complex and detailed approach. They have extensive knowledge and excellent skills to provide painless treatment in comfortable conditions. Indexmedica’s dentists stay up-to-date with the newest trends in the branch by participating in countless courses, training, and seminars. This is why you should expect long-lasting results.

Advanced equipment

While planning a dental travel, you may think that the quality of dental service in Poland could be better. Polish dentists provide one of the top-quality treatments in Europe! The clinics are fully equipped with innovative devices, which makes each visit efficient – even if the CT scan or 3D X-ray needs to be made, everything is in one place.


What is more, dentists at Indexmedica use only tried and certified materials from leading companies on the market. This is a guarantee of a successful treatment that you can finally afford.

The pleasure of travel

Dental tourism has been a trend for years, and many patients prefer to travel to another country, pay for flights, accommodation, and treatment, and still save a lot of money! In Poland, combining your dental needs with a bit of sightseeing is possible. Indexmedica is located in Krakow – the former capital of Poland, now one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations.


The city has an international airport with numerous cheap flights up to 2 hours from your location. You will have a great opportunity to see the Wawel Royal Castle, Sukiennice – one of the famous city symbols, and the beautiful Market Square that attracts thousands of tourists worldwide.

Is this a reasonable solution for you? Set an appointment in Indexmedica and let its staff organize your stay, which will bring multiple benefits to your health.