Homeowners everywhere understand the importance of continual maintenance and upkeep of their property, from the landscape to the plumbing and even the driveway. Driveways are essentially the runway to our safe space; they guide us into our garage and home base to unwind and relax from our busy schedules. New Jersey residents who own homes with asphalt driveways and even those who have recently purchased or are moving into a home with an asphalt driveway as an accessory may not understand the scope of asphalt services and maintenance requirements. Pavement and asphalt contractors in Wayne, NJ, are experts and have the experience to provide home and business owners with the proper repairs, treatments, and maintenance necessary to ensure their asphalt surfaces remain safe, secure, and beautiful!

Special Treatments

New Jersey homeowners understand the fluctuation in their everyday ecosystem and how harsh winter weather and scorching hot summers can affect their property. Asphalt driveways are no exception to this fact, but you can utilize various treatments to ensure that your driveway remains in the best shape of its life. Opting to seal coat, clean, complete overlays, and resurface will help to keep up with its original installation appearance and strength. If you want to keep up with the aesthetics of your place, then committing to these treatments is necessary to achieve your wants and needs. You can’t always plan for when damage or cracking occurs, and projects like seal coating can help to prevent these events before they happen – saving you time, money, and any hassles that come along with it.

Routine Maintenance

Maintenance is required in all different parts of our lives – in the workplace, family and friend relationships, cars, homes, and asphalt driveways! Beyond the treatments, calling on paving professionals to assist with regular maintenance will always be needed. Asphalt is incredibly flexible, durable, and long-lasting for your driveway, but even the most vital forces need TLC.


While treatments can assist in the avoidance of the need for intervention, it is a sound idea to have your local paving crew come in for inspections, cleaning, damage repair, stain assistance, removal of any standing water issues, etc. Calling on the paving pros should happen annually, but you can gauge whether or not this is something you need to catch up on.

Damage Repair

Accidents and damages happen, even with asphalt driveways, unfortunately. When you notice any kind of damage – cracks, rutting, raveling, peeling, root cracks, or holes – these are problems homeowners will want support as soon as possible to avoid the damage becoming worse. Reputable pavers can come in and seal your cracks or whatever damage you are dealing with quickly and efficiently. Being a homeowner means taking responsibility for things, even when they are a surprise. While these kinds of things can be incredibly stressful, when you have support from paving experts who know what they are doing, it doesn’t have to be an event that disrupts your life, or your wallet, for that matter. The trick is locating a local paving company that is transparent with their clients and committed to their craft.

The Importance of Reliable Pavers

Every New Jersey homeowner deserves access to affordable, dependable, trustworthy paving companies, but you must examine your options before deciding. You will need asphalt treatments and continued maintenance more often than you think. At the end of the day,

damages can happen, so being prepared and using preventative treatments can help to maintain your property.


NVN Paving offers residents in Wayne, NJ, and surrounding areas elite asphalt paving installation, replacement, resurfacing, repairs, and maintenance. Local pavers are the solution to keeping up with the quality of your driveway and the look and feel of your home.