Trengo is proud to announce that we are now a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider! Our team worked very hard to become an official partner, and now we can offer our customers the best possible customer service experience through the popular messaging app.

Keep reading to learn what this means for our customers.

Overview of Trengo

Trengo is a customer engagement platform that helps businesses make their customer service processes more efficient and effective. Founded in 2015, Trengo enables companies to connect with their customers through an integrated, one-stop-shop solution that allows them to manage their conversations from various channels in one dashboard.

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Thanks to its emphasis on user experience and better features, Trengo’s software enables customers to reach out to customer service agents quickly and effectively. In addition, as a result of its market trends recognition and customer-oriented policies, Trengo has been acknowledged for the quality of its programs among many customers.

Today, Trengo is proud to announce that it’s now a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider–a title given by WhatsApp that signifies companies trusted by them in developing business solutions using the WhatsApp platform. With this newly acquired label, Trengo is officially certified as a trusted partner and provider of WhatsApp solutions–supporting its mission to serve as an essential communication channel for customer engagement worldwide.

Benefits of Trengo

Trengo is proud to announce its approval as a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider. As one of the leading cloud-based customer service management platforms, Trengo helps small and medium-sized businesses worldwide provide excellent customer service experiences. Here are some of the main benefits businesses can benefit from when using Trengo to connect with their customers via WhatsApp:

1. Increased Efficiency: With Trengo, teams can manage conversations across multiple channels on one platform. This helps streamline communication, reduce response times, and reduce costs associated with managing multiple channels.

2. Improved Customer Experience: By leveraging WhatsApp messaging within Trengo, teams can offer support even faster without switching contexts or logging into numerous platforms simultaneously.

3. Seamless Integration: Trengo integrates with existing CRM systems and third-party applications like Salesforce, Zendesk and Pipedrive for increased flexibility and enriched customer data protection.

4. Enhanced Security: As a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, Trengo complies with industry standards for security and privacy assurance compliance from both Facebook/WhatsApp as well as GDPR

5. Scalability: Regardless of team size, Trengo is customizable so you can scale your WhatsApp usage quickly and easily as your business grows while protecting your customer data at all levels.

WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Trengo announced that they are a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, allowing customers to use WhatsApp to communicate with their Trengo team.

This new feature has several advantages, including increased engagement, collaboration and efficiency through a familiar platform that customers are already comfortable using.

Let’s explore all the advantages of using Trengo as a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider.

What is a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider?

Trengo is now a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, providing integration for businesses looking to take advantage of WhatsApp messages for customer engagement. A WhatsApp Business Solution Provider is an organization or business that helps its clients integrate their customer service communication with the popular messaging app, WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s API allows businesses to send and receive messages through their applications, enabling them to reach customers and respond quickly. A WhatsApp Business Solution Provider provides access to this API and the tools companies need to manage their app’s customer service communications. Through this API, users can create automated and personalized messages; provide live chat support; create custom onboarding journeys; leverage bots and AI features; monitor chat data; view user analytics; use segmentation tools to target customers effectively; and track KPIs in real-time.

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As a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, Trengo has integrated its platform with all these features, making it easy for businesses of all sizes to leverage the app’s power. From personalized messages across multiple channels, real-time monitoring capabilities, automated processes like reminders and notifications, user segmentation tools tailored towards industries like hospitality and travel, as well as insights into customer behaviour – Trengo helps its clients communicate quickly in a streamlined fashion on one of the world’s most popular messaging apps – creating an optimal customer experience over an ever growing platform.

What does Trengo offer as a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider?

Trengo is proud to now offer WhatsApp Business Solutions as part of its customer service software suite. With Trengo, companies can improve their customer service experience with robust options such as automated messaging, Messenger integration, message forwarding and text translation.

Messenger Integration: With Trengo’s integration of WhatsApp Business Solutions, customers can easily connect from their smartphones and interact with the customer service team from within the app. It allows customers to stay connected and access their issue status anytime and anywhere. It also offers an effective way for companies to track data for performance analysis purposes.

Automatic Messages: Companies can create tailored automated messages that will notify customers when their inquiries have been received and when the customer service team has resolved them. This makes it easier for customers to capture essential information promptly, providing a seamless customer experience.

Message Forwarding: Trengo’s Message Forwarding feature allows messages received via the WhatsApp Business platform to be quickly sent to other relevant departments within or outside to resolve customer queries more efficiently.

Text Translation: For companies operating in a global marketplace, Trengo’s Text Translation feature offers an automatic text translation into more than 60 languages using industry-leading AI technology so that your business can break language barriers across different countries and cultures through its messaging platform without you having any additional language skills or knowledge of those languages spoken by your customers.


Trengo has launched itself as a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider and delivers world class customer communication capabilities to its customers.

Trengo’s features will allow companies to communicate quickly, effectively, and efficiently with their customers while providing a seamless experience.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of Trengo and how they can improve customer communication.

Automated messages

In communication, getting the right message across quickly and effectively is key. Trengo, as a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, offers automated messaging features to help you reach out to customers effortlessly and efficiently.

With Trengo’s automated messages, you can quickly send predefined messages regarding order updates, appointment reminders, and other customer support queries in no time. Thanks to the power of automation, these messages are instantly sent out without manual effort, making it easier for your customers to stay informed.

You can also generate automated responses triggered by keywords they send in their messages. For example, if a customer sends a message containing the word ‘status’ they will automatically receive an update on their order. This way you can ensure that each customer receives relevant and up-to-date content without having to manually respond each time.

By taking advantage of Trengo’s automated messaging feature, you’ll be able to save time while improving efficiency in customer communication – allowing you more time for other tasks that need your attention within your business operations.

Messaging templates

Trengo’s new messaging templates allow customers to select a predefined messages and quickly send them to their customers. This makes it easier to communicate promptly without manually typing each message. In addition, messaging templates enable agents to categorize their response messages according to the customer’s query, streamlining agent processes and saving valuable time.

Business Messaging Templates are fully customizable, allowing maximum personalization for each client interaction—from greetings, acknowledgements, instructions, offers, or confirmation requests. Additionally, these templates can contain multiple attributes such as variables (including customer names or field values). This allows businesses to insert this attribute information automatically into the message originated from the template when responding from selected channel such as WhatsApp Business Conversation.

The range of messaging templates offered by Trengo goes beyond what traditional auto-replies or canned responses provide. With powerful data integration and personalization capabilities, businesses have full control over the content of their messaging templates and how they wish it to be presented in rich media content format available with selected channels like WhatsApp Business Conversations.

Message scheduling

With Trengo, you can now schedule messages to be sent to your customers in advance. Using message scheduling, you can now create messages in bulk and send them out with the exact timing you specify. This makes it easy to stay on top of all your customer conversations and better manage customer engagement. You can also schedule reminders for follow-ups or send automatic notifications, increasing efficiency and simplifying customer service processes.

Message scheduling also allows for automated responses. These automated responses can be sent when customers contact you outside of working hours or during periods with high volumes of incoming customer messages. This feature ensures that customers always get a response and helps provide consistently quick responses regardless of customer traffic.

Another great part about message scheduling is that it helps maintain personalization in conversations by remembering customer names, previous conversations, purchase history and other details that may need updating over time. As a result, Trengo’s message scheduling feature provides an efficient way to manage your conversations while helping build meaningful relationships with customers.


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Trengo is a customer service platform now a WhatsApp Business Solution provider. This means that Trengo can help businesses and organizations take advantage of WhatsApp’s powerful benefits.

In this section, we will discuss the benefits of using Trengo to manage customer service on WhatsApp.

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