Trengo, a customer service platform for small and medium-sized businesses, announced it has raised $36 million in Series A funding led by Insight Partners and Peak Capital. The latest round brings Trengo’s total funding to $49 million and is expected to help the company continue its rapid growth into new markets.

Trengo is a customer service platform that helps businesses provide better customer service experiences. With Trengo’s unified platform, businesses can manage multiple communication channels – like email, phone, chatbot conversations – from one place. They enable companies to establish streamlined workflows, ensuring interactions are handled consistently and efficiently across all communication channels.

The additional capital will allow Trengo to invest heavily in product development and accelerate the commercialization of their enterprise offering. In addition, the funds will be used for expanding Trengo’s global presence into markets outside its current focus on Europe such as North America and Asia-Pacific regions.

Overview of Trengo

Trengo is a customer collaboration platform that helps businesses centralize their customer support and communication channels. The company recently announced a $36 million Series A funding round led by Insight Partners and Peak Capital, bringing its total funding to $44 million. This money will be used to continue innovating the product and grow the team.

Let’s dive in to get a better understanding of Trengo.

Overview of Trengo’s product

Trengo is a customer service and team collaboration platform that integrates messaging, task management, performance tracking and knowledge base into one package. The company was founded in 2018 and provides a unified dashboard for supporting teams to manage conversations, speed up resolutions and get insights on customer satisfaction.

Trengo empowers teams with efficient incident management capabilities such as auto assignment of tasks, drag & drop functionality, and the ability to prioritize high-level searches. The product also offers integrations with other customer service tools such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, or any API.

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Additionally, Trengo helps team managers better control their support staff by providing analytics with visibility into team performance. It offers robust analytics insights on SLAs of conversations and response times across channels like email or chatbot communication. Finally, it makes it easier for teams to provide excellent customer service through its library of automated templates which can be used on the spot to quickly address common issues.

Trengo’s customer base and growth

Trengo is a customer engagement platform that helps businesses communicate with their customers across multiple channels. Founded in 2018, Trengo has quickly established itself as an innovative and fast-growing customer relationship management (CRM) software provider.

Since its inception, Trengo has grown quickly and expanded its global reach. Trengo is being utilized by more than 450 companies worldwide and is growing rapidly with clients ranging from small fly-by business owners to large enterprise organizations like Applebee’s, La Place, and Puma.

Trengo’s user base continues to expand as it focuses on expanding its freemium plan which saw over 200% growth from 2019 – 2020. Additionally, in April 2021, Trengo raised $36M in Series A funding from Insight Partners and Peak Capital which will be invested in product development, brand building, and customer acquisition initiatives all aimed at bringing new customers aboard, improving the product offering, solidifying their position as one of the leading CRMs for modern businesses of all sizes.

Insight Partners and Peak Capital Investment

Trengo, a customer engagement software provider, announced its $36 million Series A investment from Insight Partners and Peak Capital. The investment from these two venture capital firms indicates a strong show of faith in the future of Trengo.

By understanding the conditions and insights of the investment, we can start to explore the potential growth of Trengo.

Overview of Insight Partners and Peak Capital

Insight Partners is a global venture capital and private equity firm investing in high-growth technology and software companies that drive transformative change in their industries. The firm has an expansive portfolio of over 200 companies from early stage to mature-growth rounds, spanning enterprise, consumer and data services. Insight typically invests in pioneering companies that use technology to disrupt traditional business models.

Peak Capital is a venture capital firm based in the Netherlands and focused on investing in vibrant software startups worldwide. The company is committed to helping transform emerging businesses into global market leaders by providing financing, strategic connections, operational know-how and marketing support.

With offices in Amsterdam, London and New York, Peak Capital provides equity investments up to €20 million for growth-stage startups seeking scaling capital to speed up international expansion.

Reasons for the investment

Trengo, a cloud-based customer service platform, announced a $36M Series A investment round led by Insight Partners and Peak Capital. The investment will go towards expanding Trengo’s presence across Europe and the US as well as developing its product offerings.

Both Insight Partners and Peak Capital have extensive experience in working with rapidly scaling companies and understand the importance of providing capital for growth. With Trengo’s proven commitment to becoming an industry leader, these investors believe that the company presents an attractive opportunity to support the acceleration of technology throughout the customer service market.

In addition to growing its team in Europe and the US, Trengo plans on using this investment to develop its products. This includes expanding its mobile app, supporting new integrations with third party systems for better customer data integration, and creating additional features for advanced contact centers. By investing in these areas, Insight Partners and Peak Capital entrust Trengo with delivering their vision of helping brands build successful relationships with their customers without complexity.

Benefits of Trengo’s Series A

Trengo’s recent series A funding round has been widely lauded for its potential impact on helping companies manage their customer service operations. The $36M funding from Insight Partners and Peak Capital will enable Trengo to expand their services, develop their product suite, hire more people, and grow their global customer base.

In addition, the series A funding will also offer a range of other benefits to Trengo and its customers. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Expansion of Trengo’s customer base

Trengo’s Series A funding is poised to advance the company’s ability to become a global leader in customer service. With this financial support, Trengo will be able to expand its customer base internationally by making its services available to a wide variety of languages and countries. The platform is currently used by hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide, and this new round of funding will allow for even more growth.

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Trengo’s ambition is to help businesses everywhere provide an unmatched customer experience. The ability to efficiently respond to customers in their native language, no matter where they are, has never been more valuable. By having access to technology capable of automatically translating between languages in real-time, Trengo enables customer service teams at companies worldwide to quickly understand the needs of their clients and provide a truly personalized experience.

The Trengo platform already blends powerful collaborative tools with an AI-driven automation solution that allows businesses of any size or scale to streamline their customer service operations. This new financing round also affords Trengo more flexibility with future product innovations – aimed to further improve customer engagement levels worldwide. Through this powerful combination, Trengo employees and customers can expect a smooth customer service experience that meets their unique needs and expectations.

Investing in product development

Trengo is committed to investing in product development and innovation as part of their Series A funding round. As such, the company aims to provide their users with the latest technologies, features, and services through carefully crafted products. This includes increasing collaborations with external partners to access comprehensive data sources used to create enterprise-level workflows.

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The focus will be on product improvements, such as providing automation capabilities so that Trengo users can benefit from increased convenience and ease of use. Additionally, Trengo will integrate new products into their existing platform to create a more efficient user experience for customers. These new integrations are expected to significantly reduce operational costs for businesses.

Trengo’s investment plans will expand their global presence by opening offices in key international markets such as Europe, Australia, and South East Asia. Doing this would allow Trengo to access new opportunities while potentially creating localized solutions catering the needs of a diverse user base worldwide. Finally, Trengo’s Series A funding round seeks to bolster its strength enabling it continue offering superior customer service while introducing disruptive products into the market.


Trengo’s Series A round of $36M will allow the company to continue its mission of becoming the leading customer service platform for SMEs. The capital provided by Insight Partners and Peak Capital provides Trengo with the necessary resources and validation to continue driving success, innovation, and customer growth.

By harnessing these funds and tapping into their network of experienced professionals, Trengo has all the tools it needs to build an even better customer experience that meets customer’s increasingly diverse needs. With an ambitious roadmap ahead, Trengo is well-placed to build on its vision for creating the best omni-channel customer service experience.