Trengo, a Netherlands-based omnichannel communications platform, yesterday announced it has raised $36 million in a Series B funding round. The round was led by Accel and included participation from existing investors including Peak Capital, Volt and Mainport Innovation Fund.

With this new investment, the company has now raised $59 million.

Introduce Trengo

Trengo is an omnichannel communications platform that enhances the customer and user experience. The platform is a one-stop solution for customers who want to control all communication channels, including voice, chat and email, with an easy-to-use interface. Trengo ultimately provides a seamless customer experience by streamlining conversations across multiple channels.

The company was founded in 2018, and recently announced that it has secured $36M in Series B funding. Backers included Point Nine Capital and Endeit Capital among others. Trengo aims to use this investment to expand their product development capabilities and scale their operations globally.

The revolutionary software aims to simplify communications between customers and businesses with features like automated conversations, task management tools, analytics and reporting. With Trengo’s unified stack of communication products, companies can create a more streamlined customer journey from lead acquisition to post purchase care and increase efficiency within their teams.

Overview of the $36M funding round

Trengo, an Amsterdam-based omni-channel customer service solution, has announced that it has raised $36M in a Series A funding round. The round was led by venture capital firm “OMCF”, a Europe-focused early stage investor. Other investors included Open Ocean (leading Nordic investment company) and Peak Capital (early stage tech VC).

The proceeds of this funding round will be used towards Trengo’s development and global expansion. The company plans to use the new capital to strengthen its integrated team chat and CRM into one unified platform for customer service teams. Trengo also aims to develop its analytics capabilities by adding more machine learning and natural language processing capabilities to the platform.

This funding round will also enable Trengo to staff quickly, invest heavily in product development, expand their global footprint and focus on building their international customer service operations. It is expected that with the funds raised from this Series A round, Trengo will become an even bigger force within the industry and further strengthen its market position as a leader in omnichannel communications platforms.


Trengo, a Netherlands-based omnichannel customer service platform, has raised $36 million in Series B funding, led by European venture capital firm 3TS Capital Partners. The funding round brings the total investment in Trengo to date to $45 million and will be used to fuel growth and continue to develop the platform.

Other investors in this round included Drummond Road Capital, Manta Ray Ventures and Partech Ventures.

List of investors in the round

Trengo announced that it has raised $36 million in a Series B funding round led by Insight Partners, with CapitalG and KPN Ventures participating. In addition, Grote Beer Ventures, Jjunroot Ventures, Keadyn and Global Founders Capital contributed to the round along with these three primary investors.

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With a focus on enterprise customers and small-to-medium businesses, Trengo offers an omnichannel customer support platform that collects all customer relationships into one consolidated system. It combines email, live chat, WhatsApp and messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger into one unified view for customer service teams.

The funding will accelerate Trengos’ growth strategy by expanding its team in Europe and the US to keep up with demand from SMBs. In addition, the company will invest heavily in product innovation to stay ahead of the curve regarding new features and integrations. They also plan to increase their marketing efforts by building their global presence and investing in new collateral such as case studies, content pieces, and attending global trade shows.

Overview of each investor

Trengo, a Netherlands-based provider of an omnichannel customer communication platform, has announced the closing of its Series A round of financing worth $36 million. The round was led by Accel, a global venture capital firm, with Prime Ventures and Big Venture Capital participation.

Accel is one of the world’s top early and growth-stage investors with over $10 billion under management. They have supported several international startups in Europe. Prime Ventures is a Netherlands-based venture capital firm investing since 2001 and has managed over 100 investments in early stage companies throughout Europe. Big Venture Capital is unlike traditional VCs, focusing on debt financing for startups and equity investment.

This new round will enable Trengo to accelerate product innovation, expand its market presence and strengthen its team globally.

Use of Funds

Trengo, an omnichannel communications platform, recently raised $36M in a Series B round. This funding will accelerate product expansion, open more offices in the US, hire more personnel and expand its customer base.

Trengo aims to provide businesses with a platform to easily communicate with customers across multiple channels. Let’s explore how these funds will be deployed.

Plans for the new funding

The Netherlands-based Trengo, an omnichannel communications platform, has raised $36 million in its latest funding round led by Sapphire Ventures with follow-on investments from Endeit Capital and previous investors Accel and CoVent. In total, Trengo has now raised more than $46 million in funding.

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The fresh funding will further develop the company’s communications platform to meet the rising demand for a streamlined and intuitive way for businesses to manage customer communication across multiple channels. Trengo will also use the new funding to expand outside of Europe into new territories, accelerate product development and add capabilities that help companies unify all external customer communication in one unified platform.

Additionally, part of the funds is set aside to invest in more people and increase hiring efforts within engineering, marketing, sales and customer success to support growing interest from customers worldwide. As a result, Trengo plans to double its headcount over the coming year.

Expansion of Trengo’s product offerings

Trengo, the Netherlands-based omnichannel communications platform company, announced it raised $36 million in Series B funding. Accel led the new round, bringing the company’s total capital raised to $50.5 million. Proceeds from the round of funding will be used primarily to expand Trengo’s product offerings and double down on analytics which is a core component of its security strategy.

The investment from Accel provides Trengo with an experienced partner that can help them execute on their vision for an integrated platform for customer service teams and organizations that shifts away from the traditional chatbot-centered approach to customer interaction. As part of its expansion plans, the company plans to roll out additional features such as a unified contact center for sales and marketing teams, new integrations with prominent CRM platforms like Salesforce and SAP, and various AI tools to support team member performance throughout their customer service journey.

Benefits of Trengo

Trengo is an omnichannel communication platform that helps businesses streamline customer service and sales across multiple channels. It offers a range of capabilities, including chatbots, automated workflows, and real-time analytics.

Let’s look at some of the benefits that Trengo offers businesses of all sizes.

Overview of Trengo’s features

Trengo is an omnichannel communications platform that provides organizations with a unified view of all their customer interactions. In addition, Trengo provides several features designed to streamline and improve customer service.

Trengo helps enterprises maximize their customer service capabilities by allowing them to manage email, live chat, and telephone calls in one centralized platform. Companies can also use Trengo’s AI-powered workflow automation to automate manual tasks and rapidly respond to customer inquiries. This allows businesses to quickly resolve issues in real time while providing a better overall customer experience.

Trengo also provides organizations with powerful reporting capabilities to track their performance over time and make improvements as necessary. Using the Insights dashboard, companies can visualize numerous data types, from engagement metrics such as response times to sentiment analysis results from customer interactions with agents. Trengo’s reporting tools are also accessible across multiple devices for maximum convenience.

Additionally, Trengo offers a wide range of integrations with external services such as Salesforce and HubSpot, making it easy for organizations to combine their various operations into one unified system for better efficiency overall.

Benefits of an omnichannel platform

An omnichannel communication platform can be invaluable for businesses that need to support a variety of customer interactions across channels like email, phone, website, chat, and social media. Trengo is a platform that allows businesses to tailor customer service experiences by streamlining cross-channel communications.

The core benefit of using an omnichannel communications platform is its ability to provide customers with consistent messaging across all contact points. This eliminates the need for a customer to navigate different channels for the same problem or query. With Trengo, businesses benefit from a unified view of their customers and communication history without separate logins or systems. This helps make sure each conversation with a customer is tailored specifically to them by using all available data sources in the background.

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Another major benefit is more efficient collaboration among staff members who can now participate via one platform rather than navigating through disparate forms in various applications. With Trengo’s drag-and-drop interface, creating workflows and tickets becomes as simple as building your diagram flowchart. Additionally, every message sent or received by staff members (e-mail or SMS) appears in one dashboard where employees can track conversations with their clients easier than ever before – allowing them more time to be productive elsewhere.

Finally, Trengo boosts business efficiency by providing companies with powerful analytics systems that allow them to detect trends in customer behaviour while gaining insights on how best to deliver superior service experiences from multiple sources of data – giving business owners the tools they need to create products and services that better meet their customers’ needs over time.