Chromebook’s popularity is growing rapidly since Google has launched its Chrome operating system. There are many reasons why Chromebooks are popular. They include high portability, fast booting time, solid source of entertainment via Play Store etc. The most vital reason for the triumph of Chromebook is its ability to mirror your smartphone’s display on it. You can mirror iphone to chromebook in a matter of few minutes.

You might have seen people watching movies on their smartphones with iPads lying nearby, but you will definitely wonder how they did that. The truth is that person had connected his smartphone with the iPad using a cable and then started playing a movie from an app like VLC or MX Player. However, there is no software in the Chrome store which you need to download or any cable that you need to connect with your Chromebook. You can simply use Chromecast to mirror iphone to chromebook easily.

The reason why Android smartphones are popular is because they support tons of apps and games offered by Google Play Store. There are many ways to mirror iphone to chromebook. While Chromecast is the easiest way out, other methods are little complicated.

Follow this guide to use Chromecast to mirror smartphone’s screen on your Chromebook.

How to mirror iphone to chromebook

Method 1: Mirroring iPhone’s Screen using Chromecast

The method of mirroring your Android/iOS phone’s screen on your Chromebook is as simple as ABC. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, you will not even need to install any software or configuration changes to make it work.

  • Steps for how to mirror iphone to chromebook:

1) You will need a Chromecast and a laptop or PC with an internet connection.

2) Connect your Chromecast and launch any app of your choice on the smartphone to start playing a movie, pictures, music etc.

3) Now, open Google Chrome browser on your computer. Since it is Google’s official product, you do not need to install anything extra for using it.

4) You will see a Cast icon in the search bar. Just click on it and select your Chromecast device from the menu.

5) Now open any video player like MX Player, VLC or Apple’s default player that is pre-installed on iOS devices to start playing a movie.

6) Your smartphone’s screen will mirror on your PC/laptop just like Chromecast. You can pause, play or adjust volume directly from your laptop or PC.

Method 2: Mirror smartphone’s screen using Airplay

This method is slightly complicated than the above method but gives you more control over mirroring iDevice’s screen on Chromebook. However, there are some limitations which you need to consider before using this method.

  • Steps for how to mirror iphone to chromebook:

1) You will need a Mac computer and an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with iOS 7 or later version. It works best with iOS 8 in case of iPhones and iPads while iPods work great with any version of iOS.

2) You can mirror iphone to chromebook using this method if your Mac and iOS device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

3) On your Mac, open (i) QuickTime Player and (ii) iTunes store at the same time.

4) Now play any video or audio on iTunes which will be mirrored on iDevice.

5) Next step is to click on Airplay icon and select your iOS device from the menu. Make sure that your iOS device is unlocked so that it can receive a mirroring invitation from Mac.

6) Your iPhone’s screen will now show up on your Mac as shown below

You can mirror iphone to chromebook with the help of Chromecast or AirPlay. Both methods are free and easy, but most importantly, they do not need any kind of software installation on your computer. However, I would recommend using Chromecast due to its ease of use and compatibility with Chromebooks.