Today iPhone Xs Max is one of the world’s most expensive and luxurious Smartphones. With its high price, not everyone can afford it. Because of its high price, people who have bought this phone try to protect it with all costs. Because if there is a problem in your device that must be resolved urgently then you will need SIM Card & tray of your device.

One problem is that you can not remove the SIM card of your iPhone Xs Max yourself because it is a delicate process. If you make a mistake in removing SIM Card, then there will be no other option than repairing iDevice.

How to Remove Sim Card From Iphone xs Max?

There are some ways that you can use to remove the SIM Card of your iPhone Xs Max. And that is a complete guide how to remove SIM card from your iPhone Xs Max.

iPhone Xs Max comes with a Nano-SIM tray and there are no tools required for this process. Simply try following these steps:

  • 1st, Turn off your Mobile Phone by holding the power button until you see “slide to power off”.
  • 2nd, Take the SIM eject tool or paperclip and insert it into the tiny hole on your iPhone Xs Max.
  • 3rd, The SIM tray will pop out slightly then you can remove your SIM card easily. If you are facing any issue when inserting paperclip then simply press in the eject button at the end of the tool. And then lift up the tray and remove it from your iPhone Xs Max device. If there is no SIM eject tool available near you, then simply tape a paperclip to make a pin-sized object which will work for you like a SIM eject tool.
  • If nothing works for removing your iPhone Xs Max’s SIM card then you can simply take your iPhone to Apple center for help.

4 Ways to Troubleshoot iPhone XS Max Sim Card Error

If your SIM card tray is broken or faulty then there are some simple troubleshooting tips that can help you to resolve this issue. And also you can try these steps if you have the same problem in future with your iPhone Xs Max device.

Warning: If nothing works for removing Sim Card Tray from iPhone Xs Max, then do not continue these steps because they can cause more problems in your iPhone Xs Max.

1st, Take a toothpick and then try to put it into the hole that you have used for SIM eject tool. This will push the SIM card tray out again.

2nd, Try this trick while inserting paperclip or SIM eject tool into the SIM card tray hole. If it goes inside, then you will see the SIM tray coming out slightly after pushing it. That means this trick is working for you and now you can simply remove your SIM Card.

3rd, You can also try to use a rubber band or hair tie that can help you to pull out the stuck SIM tray from the hole.

4th, In very rare cases, there is also a chance that your iPhone Xs Max’s SIM card tray gets broken. If only half of the tray has got stuck inside then you can use tweezers to pull it out slowly. But if both sides are stuck, then do not try to remove Sim Card Tray from iPhone Xs Max with tweezers because it will damage your device’s SIM tray for lifetime. So do not try this trick if you have a broken SIM tray in your iPhone Xs Max.

5th, If everything fails then simply take your iPhone to nearest Apple care center or an authorized service center for help.


So this was a complete guide about how to remove SIM card from iPhone Xs Max. We hope that you have found the right solution for your issue. If you are facing any trouble in following these steps then simply take your iPhone Xs Max to Apple Care center or an authorized service centers for help. And do not try these steps if your SIM card tray of iPhone Xs Max is broken or faulty.

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