Is a fan-game made by Ryan J. Hoyle and Lucas Salton for PC. It is based off of the Animal Crossing series and features all new items, characters and locations never before seen in any official title.

In this game you play as a young child who just moved into town with his family. One day he wanders off into the woods while his father works at the shop. When he awakens, he finds himself in front of a mysterious house that is filled with furniture once belonging to celebrated designers throughout history!

How many rooms can you have in acnh animal

The game allows the player to visit the house as often as they like and includes a very flexible schedule for moving in and checking their mail. The house is large and there are secret rooms hidden around it’s massive landscape, which contains multiple interact-able items including fossils, bugs and fish! There is also a variety of NPCs, both friendly and unfriendly who can be found throughout the town.

As well as our assortment of new furniture for you to obtain! We’ve tried very hard to capture the feeling of Animal Crossing while still keeping the game new and exciting. We hope you enjoy playing as much as we’ve enjoyed making it!

What are the benefits of having a secret room in Animal Crossing?

Many! First of all it is a mystery, no one knows your exact collection of furniture or how much money you make in game. You can intimidate the other residents, like Phyllis who will be sad if you have more than her. And lastly it allows for easy storage and decorating without having to leave the house, sort through your bag or look at the back of your house.

How to build a secret room in Animal Crossing?

You can build a secret room by finding special blueprints. Some are given to you. Once you have them, you can tell Tom Nook the plans, he’ll mark the spot for you on your map where you can dig up your entrance! From there its just a matter of laying down flooring and arranging the inside however you want it.

How big are the secret rooms?

Secret rooms vary in size depending on where they are located within your house! The majority of them are medium to large, but there are also some small ones that can be easily missed. You can have up to 2 secret rooms per floor, including the basements if you choose to have them!

Where are all the secret rooms located?

All of the blueprints are hidden throughout your town, each one tied to a different villager. Some villagers even have multiple blueprints for you to find, so be sure to talk to them every day until you get it! There is also at least 1 blueprint located in the lost woods, which is a place you can visit as often as you like.

Is there any furniture I can’t put in my room?

Yes! All of the paintings and wallpaper you buy from Tom Nook are too big to fit inside your secret room, so they have been replaced with new ones made just for this game! The same goes for the rug, it has been replaced with a new one.

Is there anything else I can’t put in my room?

Your house has extendable floors which means you can put furniture on your basement floor! Unfortunately this also means some furniture is too big to be on any other level outside of the first. For example, both of the cactus and the weeping fig are too big to fit in any other room, so it is recommended that they be placed on your first floor.


Animal Crossing: Build Secret Room is a fan-game made by Devious Devices for the sole purpose of fun and entertainment. There will be lots of new furniture and items to collect, as well as all your favourites from past titles! The game also adds several mechanics which we hope you’ll enjoy such as secret rooms and additional floors.