That the term “best” is very subjective when it comes to Yu Gi Oh. However, I believe that this card has introduced effects to the game that changes things quite dramatically. The deck building rules for certain decks have changed due to this one card’s existence in the game. Several pro players already tested/previewing putting 3 copies of this card in their deck.

What is the best yugioh card ever and why?

Goes to Thousand-Eyes Restrict, has a base stat of 0/0 and it can’t be summoned without another Monster of your opponent’s. Its effects allow you to control one of the opponent’s monsters by paying half of your current life points. In addition, if it is destroyed, you can pay 1000 life points to make it stay in the field. That means you can’t lose it when it gets destroyed, unlike other powerful monsters that require sacrifice.

Thousand-Eyes Restrict is one of the most versatile cards in Yugioh history that allows players to control another monster by sacrificing half of your lifepoints and preventing it from being destroyed by battle even if your opponent attack.

In Yugioh where monsters can be summoned easily, Thousand-Eyes Restrict is a huge monster with high defense to make it almost invincible as long as you have enough life points to spend for its summoning and protecting it from being destroyed. It also has a drawback of losing half your life points when it leaves the field. However, that drawback becomes an advantage as it can be used to pay for other monster effects and costs and summon another one and use the other effect again. Its summoning condition also makes it difficult to remove from play as your opponent will need another monster on his/her side of the field to destroy this card or take its attack high enough so that you will have no life points to activate its effect.

One of the best Monster cards in Yugioh history, Thousand-Eyes Restrict is one of the very few monsters that remained legal even after almost 10 years since its release date. It has changed how players play and prepare their decks today. The availability of this card also made it one of the most important cards in Yugioh history.

How do you get the best yugioh card ever?

As one of the very few cards that remained legal, Thousand-Eyes Restrict is easily available in any card shops and online stores. However, if you want to get them at a good price while supporting your local store, you can buy it from major Yugioh distributors like ThePOGG ( However, you can also buy them from online stores like YugiohCardMarket ( and eBay ( if you want to grab a bargain and grab multiples of this card for your deck/collection purposes.

The only downside of getting Thousand-Eyes Restrict is you might put it in your deck and realize that there are better cards for certain decks. However, if you want to be sure, check out the best Yugioh Deck Builds here!


Thousand-Eyes Restrict is one of the best cards in Yugioh history that has ruled the game for almost 10 years. It may be nerfed in certain ways but it will remain as one of the most useful card in Yugioh decks. Yu Gi Oh players are aware that Thousand-Eyes Restrict is a must have card in any decks.

My other favorite yugioh card is Blue Eyes White Dragon since it is the original, powerful monster card in Yugioh. It can do massive damage to your opponent’s life points and its also easy to summon. I love the old days of Yugioh so Blue Eyes White Dragon will always be one of my favorite card!