World of Warships is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online game set in the naval warfare era. It is developed by Wargaming, a subsidiary of NetEase.

In World of Warships, players can build and customize their own ships to fight against other players for control over the oceans. The game takes place in the early 20th century and it can be played on PC or any other device with a browser.

World of Warships has been praised for its graphics, minimal server requirements and overall fun factor which has led to its popularity increase in China and Western countries as well, where it is now frequently visited by thousands of gamers.

Both World of Warships and World of Tanks have been played by over 100 million people worldwide, making the company one of the most successful free-to-play game developers in China.

How the New System Will Affect Submarine Warfare and How Submariners Will Deal with it

Despite being a branch of the military, submarines are vulnerable for the simple reason that they are not designed for defense. They will be the first target of any surface or aerial assault. In this new system, they will be tasked to use their stealth and tactics in order to survive and accomplish their missions. This is because submarines rely heavily on ambushing enemy ships and attacking them while remaining undetected, which can only be done by simply staying away from any detection instruments. Submarines also rely on direct hits, which can only be done during surface attacks. Finally, submarines are equipped with torpedoes as their primary weapons.

When will Submarine be added to WOWS?

The developers have not yet announced when will the submarine branch be added to the game, but it is believed that this will happen in early 2016. The new ships will be released in stages, similar to how they did with destroyers and light cruisers.

When a player has a fully researched ship unlocked in a tree branch he/she can start to research a ship from the next branch. The first ships that have been researched have nothing to do with the new submarines, while the final ones in the destroyer and light cruiser branches require no further research once they are fully upgraded. This is why it can be assumed that Submarines will become available after all of the destroyers and light cruisers are added to the game.

How will Submarines be Different from Other Ships?

Submarines will behave similarly to destroyers, but their stealth and independence on surface attacks makes them different. The fact that they can only fire torpedoes at targets that are close-by also brings a new approach in submarine warfare. One of the main differences between destroyers and submarines is that destroyers can use their main guns while submerged, however it is unlikely that submarines will be able to do this.

What will Submarines’ Role be in a Battle?

Submarines can attack from afar, while remaining undetected by enemy ships. Once they approach the enemy ships they can attack from afar or get closer to fire torpedoes. However, they will not be able to destroy the entire enemy fleet by themselves since it takes time for them to approach undetected and attack. Submarines might have a moderate hitpoint pool, but their main weapon is stealth, which makes them very powerful ships in World of Warships.

Conclusion: The Coming War for Submarines and What It Means for The World of Warships

The coming war for submarines is thought to be the next major naval conflict, and with the advent of warship war, it is set to have a significant impact on gaming.

The submarine warfare and warship war will be a very interesting phenomenon in gaming. It will attract gamers who are interested in military history, or simply enjoy games that have tactical depth.