Sexual performance is a huge cause of bedroom anxiety for many people. With enhancing their partners’ pleasure being a huge focus during sex, overthinking the situation can quickly lead to struggles maintaining an erection or a drop in libido. For those looking to deepen their understanding and skills in partner satisfaction, our guide on how to make a girl squirt can offer valuable insights and techniques to enhance pleasure and intimacy in the bedroom.

At the end of the day, getting intimate with a partner is intended to bring you closer together as you connect in new ways and pleasure each other’s bodies. To minimize fears of short-lived sex and maximize pleasure all night long, here are two simple techniques you can try out next time you get hot under the covers:

Focus on the foreplay

For many people, foreplay is a huge part of the sexual experience and is arguably more enjoyable than penetration itself. Focusing on the build-up can make the whole process much more pleasurable and build up towards the big finish, teasing your partner and elongating the pleasure. By starting off with gentle signs of affection such as kissing and touching, the sparks will start to fly as you build up the passion and get into the heat of the moment. As the intimacy intensifies, heavier petting and oral sex are great ways to pleasure your partner and watch them squirm with enjoyment.

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Once you get into the heat of it and get stuck into the intercourse, there is nothing to say you can’t go back to enjoying foreplay. If you find your partner is unable to go for as long as you would like, try out the stop-start method to get the most out of your steamy sessions. Every time ejaculation is looking likely, stop what you are doing and either change positions or take a breather, allowing them to regain their composure and carry on. As well as meaning you can both go for longer, it is a great way to build up the sexual desires and drive each other crazy, building towards your most intense orgasms yet.

Introduce new additions

If you’ve found yourself in the same routine every time you have sex, bring back the spice by switching it up the next time you head to the bedroom. Sex toys are a great way to try out something new and reach pleasure spots that would not be possible using your bodies alone. Being able to pleasure your partner is a great way to elongate your performance, too, focusing your efforts on their stimulation if you need to take a breather. For men, fleshlights UK and cock rings are great toys to try out, and for women, vibrators and dildos bring something new to the table.

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Another great tactic is to introduce role play into the bedroom, fulfilling your fantasies and discussing what you’d like to try with each other. When you have a new sexy role to play, the process tends to be elongated, so you can enjoy a late night of heated passion and hold back on finishing too soon.