Meditation is a learned skill and takes time to master. Those who practice yoga, practice meditation in a passive or active way through a yoga flow. However, meditation should not be associated exclusively with yoga. Anyone who wants to relax their body and calm their thoughts, even for a few minutes, should start practicing meditation.

What bothers those who start to practice meditation is whether there is a schedule for meditating or an ideal time of day? Should we meditate at the end of the day to relax before going to bed or is it better to start the day with meditation? It all mostly depends on your lifestyle. Do you want to relax and prepare for the rest of the day after your morning workout, or do you still like to visit the gym after work?

What Are the So-called Mindful Moments?

We have all heard of mindfulness and, although the word has not been able to be adequately translated into many languages outside the English-speaking world for years, all people know what it represents. Yoga and periods spent with meditation are generally described as mindful moments. It is precisely this feeling of complete peace in the body that yoga, as well as meditation, will bring you. That is why we suggest meditation before the start of the day since the day can be recognized by the morning. If you walk into the day with a clearer mind, it is guaranteed to unfold that way.

You know that almost all professional athletes talk about how important it is for them to relax after training, to relax both their minds and muscles. Many do this precisely by meditating while preparing for the next goals they want to achieve. Traditional yoga practice is considered to prepare the body for meditation. If you do yoga yourself, it is best to choose your own pose in which you will find peace and regain your balance after practicing.

Try Meditation Before Work

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You can only see the true effect that meditation will have on your life when you try it. Cotton yoga towel is made from 100% cotton and is absorbent and durable. It can be used for any activity that requires a towel, but it is most commonly used for meditation and yoga activities. The soothing energy that will flow through your body while meditating is impossible to describe. Maybe meditating before the start of the day will be a bit strange because the goal is to calm down, and how will you calm down if you have not been irritated by something tangible before, such as, say, failing to win the bet at English betting sites.

Well, our body accumulates worry and stress without us being aware of it. It happens more often than we think that the tension we absorbed during the day simply is concentrated somewhere in the body. For example, someone struggles with tension in the hip area, so they try to devote themselves to them in order to relax their bodies so that they can function more easily.

When you take the Sukhasana easy pose, which most resembles a Turkish sitting pose, try to rest your hands comfortably on your knees. Your palms can be facing up, to absorb the energy around you, or facing down, to ground your energy through the body. Next, apply one of the meditation techniques you have been applying so far.

An Example of a Meditation Technique

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One of the most widely used types of meditation is the 6-3-6 principle. This means that you inhale for 6 seconds, then hold your breath for 3 seconds, and then exhale for 6 seconds. If you have not meditated before, it might be a bit difficult for you to breathe in and out for 6 seconds at first. There is a possibility that you will panic when you start to exhale but do not worry, with practice, your capacity for both inhalation and exhalation will increase.

What is important is that you concentrate completely on your breath in those moments. Try not to think about anything but your breathing. If it is easier for you, imagine the numbers that will pop up in front of your closed eyes like on a digital clock. Thus, your mind will try to concentrate only on what is important, and that is inhalations and exhalations. Meditating before work, even just for a few minutes, will prepare your mind and body for the rest of the day.