Do you ever wonder why lotteries are so popular? Why do people spend billions of dollars every year on tickets, even when the odds of winning are so slim? The answer lies in the science of lottery. In this article, we will discuss the psychology of lotteries and how they work. Whether you are curious about how the lottery works or maybe win one via 22Bet login, keep reading!

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Renato Gianella, a Brazilian mathematician, has devoted his most recent work, titled “Geometry of Chance: Lottery Numbers Follow a Certain Pattern,” to the problem of using probability theory to analyze lotteries. Gianella’s research focuses on the patterns that emerge when particular combinations are extracted.

According to Pascal’s combinatorial rule, Janella gives a color template in her paper that describes all of the potential number combinations that can be made. If you examine the suggested pattern, the author guarantees that you will be able to precisely estimate the combinations that have the best probability of winning the competition.

The utilization of the findings of the maximum number of trials is predicated on the application of the template. According to the principle of the law of large numbers, the accuracy of the predictions will increase in proportion to the number of extractions that are considered.

The appropriate selection of combinations in accordance with the strategy that has been presented can considerably boost the likelihood of winning the lottery.

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Gianella has applied his method to over 20 different lotteries all across the world, and each time he has been successful in demonstrating that the chances of winning different sets of combination extractions are not all equally likely. It was shown that the probability of falling out for certain number of combinations was substantially higher than the average.


For instance, there were 19 different groups with varying chances of being extracted from the most popular multinational US lottery, Power Ball. The Brazilian technique not only enables you to determine the combinations that have the best chance of winning, but it also assists in calculating which group of numbers has a higher probability of extracting based on the outcomes of previous games. This can be done by looking at the history of the game and comparing it to the outcomes of other games.

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A website has been developed by the mathematician Janella for those individuals who are interested in putting her strategy into action and learning more about how to improve their odds of winning the lottery.