Cam Jansen is known as a young detective who solves mysteries. Her most famous case was trying to uncover why the Philadelphia Phillies hit so many home runs in 2013-14. Cam’s ability to solve problems and her love for sports makes Cam an ideal character for all kinds of juvenile mystery stories.

Cam Jansen is a fictional character in the “Who’s Been Sleeping in my Bed?” mystery series by Elizabeth George Speare. The protagonist of the series, she is a 12-year-old amateur detective who solves mysteries and has many adventures.

What genre is Cam Jansen? |

Adler, David A.
Occupation Writer
Genre Picture books, mainly biography; children’s fiction, especially mystery
Subject The Holocaust was a genocide that occurred during (for children)
Works of note The Cam Jansen mystery series is a mystery series written by Cam Jansen.

So, what is the genre of Cam Jansen’s books?

a ghost tale in fiction Literature for children

Apart from that, what is Cam Jansen’s true name? Cam’s true name is Jennifer, but after hearing about her incredible photographic recall, she was dubbed “The Camera.” “The Camera” quickly became “Cam.”

Cam Jansen, on the other hand, what grade is he in?

Children’s Chapter Books are a good place to start. The Cam Jansen series, which has been a hit for over thirty years, is ideal for beginning chapter book readers. Each mystery involves Cam, a fifth-grade detective with a photographic memory, who works with her best friend, Eric, to solve the crime.

What is the target audience for Cam Jansen’s books?

The tales in the Cam Jansen Mysteries are sequential in terms of character development, although the primary narratives in each book are generally autonomous. It’s usually ideal if you read them in sequence, but it’s not mandatory. 7-11 years old.

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Do you have to read Cam Jansen’s novels in order?

The works by Cam Jamsen may be read in any sequence. A plot arc runs across the MTH novels for a few volumes until a new one starts. As a result, reading them in sequence has some benefit.

What is David A Adler’s age?

72 years old (April 10, 1947)

Who is the author of Cam Jansen’s work?

Adler, David A.

What is the total number of A to Z Mysteries?

There are 26 volumes in the A to Z Mysteries Series, one for each letter of the alphabet! Roll your mouse over the book covers below to magnify them and learn more about each tale.

When did David A Adler get his start?

On April 10, 1947, at the age of 72, he was born.

What is the true name of Encyclopedia Brown?

Leroy Brown, called Encyclopedia Brown, is a ten-year-old star detective in the Idaville area.

What city does David A Adler call home?

Adler, David A. is the author of more than 200 books, ranging from children’s series to books on math, science, and economics. His work includes the Young Cam Jansen series, the Andy Russell series, and a number of nonfiction and picture biography titles. He lives in Woodmere, New York.

Nate The Magnificent is in what grade?

Nate The Magnificent

Level of Guided Reading K
Lexile® Scale 130L
DRA Level 18