Lolo is a word in Hawaiian and means ‘to move.’ It also refers to the act of playing or goofing off, as well as not being serious about something.

“Lolo” is a Hawaiian word that means “to be happy”. It’s used in Hawaii to say hello or goodbye. In Spanish, lolo means “I’m not here.”

What does Lolo mean in Hawaiian? |

Staff of e-Hawaii lolo — Definition in Pidgin English. It’s hilarious (low low) Insane, odd, stupid, imbecile, or absent-minded is a term used to describe someone who is crazy, strange, dumb, or imbecile.

With this in mind, what exactly is the meaning of Lolo?

LOLO stands for “Hello, Hello.” The abbreviation LOLO is most widely used among friends as an informal way of saying “hello.” LOLO is akin to the Japanese habit of saying “hello” twice while answering the phone with the phrase “Moshi moshi,” which means “talk, speak.”

Furthermore, what do Hawaiians refer to as locals? Locals or Hawaiian inhabitants, regardless of ethnicity, are referred to as kama’aina.

What does Lolo imply in pidgin, for example?

Recognize the most frequent adjectives and names used to refer to persons. Kolohe means troublemaker and Lolo means foolish. There is a “ohana” (family) lingo on the islands that is directed towards others.

Outsiders are referred to as “Hawaiians.”

That there isn’t any aloha spirit. So even native Hawaiians may use the word haole to refer to humans. I was born and raised in Kaimuki 4 February 2015, 1:46 p.m. #

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What does it mean to be Neko?

The Japanese term for cat is neko. It may refer to real cats or characters from anime or manga with cat-like characteristics. The catgirl (a lady with cat ears, whiskers, and sometimes paws or a tail) is known as a neko.

In Hawaii, what does Shishi mean?

Urine or urine is referred to as “shishi” in the phrase “go shishi” or “produce shishi.” “Shishi” has three probable etymologies, according to the Double-Tongued Dictionary: imitative from the sound of peeing, Japanese reduplicated shi from shiko “urinate” (sic., presumably shito? “urine”), or Portuguese xixi “urinate.”

What is Lola’s English like?

English to Tagalog

Tagalog English
lola grandmother;

What exactly does Lamba Lolo imply?

Lamba Lolo means “mind your own business” in polite words, according to an internet slang dictionary. The word [Lamba Lolo] originates in Kenya and originally meant delivering oral sex, according to a second meaning. Later, the comment became a catchphrase that was used to tease or cheer people up all across the world.

In Hawaii, what is a Moke?

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Residents of the Hawaiian Islands refer to elements of the native Polynesian population as “moke.” In actuality, “moke” is comparable to “redneck” in that it simply refers to a certain personality type rather than an entire ethnic community.

What is the meaning of the name Lolo?

Lolo is a girl’s name that means “free man.” A cheerful nickname for American track and field champion Lolo (born Lori) Jones.

In Hawaiian, what is a Tita?


Tita is a name for a fierce local girl who isn’t afraid to fight and doesn’t accept anything from anybody. She’s a tomboy who speaks pidgin and is fiercely protective of her community and family.

Why do Hawaiians use the word brah?

Da kine, which literally means “the kind,” is frequently used to refer to “the true thing.” Brah, which means “brother,” is one of the most prevalent Hawaiian pidgin words. A brah doesn’t have to be your biological brother.

What exactly is Shishi?

adjective. used to describe someone, somebody, or anything who is too flashy or ostentatious. His Lexus is ridiculously shi-shi. Your belt is a shishi shishi shishi shishi shishi shishi

What does the Hawaiian word Kai mean?

The name Kai is a Hawaiian boy’s name that means “sea.”

What does it mean to choke in Hawaiian?

Because I’m from Hawaii, the majority of my slang terms are pidgin. Choke implies that you have a large number or quantity of something, such as I have a large number of Christmas gifts to wrap. Bombai is a procrastination technique that indicates you will do something later. Puka denotes the presence of a hole in anything.

What is the name of a Hawaiian girl?

Wahine is defined as a Polynesian lady.

In Hawaiian, how do you swear?

Hawaiians and natives alike use some of the following terms and phases.

  1. okole means “bottom” or “butt.”
  2. puka -hole is a slang term for a hole in the ground
  3. kukae is a Japanese word that means “feces.”
  4. filthy, filthy, filthy, filthy, filthy, filthy, fil
  5. niele – a nosy, overbearing person.
  6. ‘Babooz’ is a slang term for a complete moron.
  7. lolo – irrational, dumb.
  8. To fight or scap someone is to beef.

What is the name of the Hawaiian slang?

Hawaiian Pidgin English (also known as Hawaiian Creole English or HCE, or just Pidgin) is a creole language based on English that is spoken in Hawai’i (L1: 600,000; L2: 400,000). It’s known as lelo pai ai in Hawaiian, which means “pounding-taro language.”