The first use of the word is in a scene where Del Boy has to hold his “cushty” nose up to stop himself from sneezing.
The second time it’s used, in another scene with an entirely different meaning, and by then we’re already halfway through Series 2. The third usage comes towards the end of Series 3: Denzil refers to someone as being “as cushty as you are”. Since this is not related to sporting events or competitions but rather general slang for somebody who is good at something, I’m going to go ahead and say that Cushty means ‘good’, which makes sense if you’ve seen how much swearing there actually was on Only Fools and Horses!
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Cushty is a slang word that means “good”. It is used in the BBC comedy sitcom “Only Fools and Horses” when Del Boy says, “I’m feeling cushty.” The word also appears in other contexts.

What does Cushty mean in Only Fools and Horses? |

The term CUSHTY is said to come from the Romany Gypsy word Kushtipen, which means “good.” It was one of Derek “Del Boy” Trotter’s numerous catchphrases in the popular UK TV series Only Fools and Horses, which aired from 1981 to 1991.

So, what exactly does Cushty imply in slang?

Adjective. supple (comparative more cushty, superlative most cushty) (Slang in the United Kingdom) Very nice, excellent.

What does the term “Only Fools and Horses” imply? Only Fools and Horses was the title he planned to use as an allusion to the protagonist’s tax and labor evasion lifestyle. The name was inspired by a true, if obscure, phrase from 19th-century American comedy, “only idiots and horses labor for a livelihood.”

What does plonker imply in Only Fools and Horses, for example?

Plonker means “anything enormous and substantial of its sort,” “penis,” and “a dumb, incompetent, or despicable person,” among other things. 1. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first usage of plonker to describe “a dumb, incompetent, or despicable person” was in an episode of Only Fools and Horses (in 1981)1.

Where did Cushty originate?

Cushty. It’s a Cockney word. Like quite a lot of Cockney, it’s taken from Romani, in this case the word kushtipen, meaning “good.” Arguably popularised outside of Cockney realms by Del Boy from Only Fools & Horses.

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What does it mean to be Cushdy?

meaning and synonyms for cushdy

adjectival modifier British /k??di/ /k??di/ /k??di/ /k??di/ excellent or satisfactory Excellent: excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent From the Open Dictionary, a crowdsourced resource.

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How many special episodes of Only Fools and Horses are there?

It aired for seven seasons and sixteen Christmas specials until the last episode on December 25, 2003. Only Fools and Horses produced 64 regular episodes, all of which were written by John Sullivan. All of these films are now available on DVD in both Region 2 and Region 1.

What was John Sullivan’s monetary value?

In 2012, John Sullivan had an estimated net worth of $32,500.

What is Nicholas Lyndhurst’s net worth?

Lyndhurst, Nicholas Nicholas Lyndhurst has a net worth of $5 million and is an English actor.

What is Delboy’s age?

In the canon of the Only Fools And Horses series, Del Boy Trotter’s age has fluctuated significantly throughout time. He claims he’s 35 in Go West Young Man (15th September 1981) and was born in 1945 or 1946, although he adds his father departed in 1964 on his 16th birthday, therefore he was born around 1948.

When did Only Fools and Horses premiere?

The date was September 8, 1981.

When horses die, where do they go?

With a few exceptions, all horses must be disposed of as soon as they die, and they must be brought to a facility that has been certified for the correct collection and disposal of animal corpses.

What does it mean to “put a pony in my pocket”?

:: What does it mean to “put a pony in my pocket”? It’s included in the theme tune for the TV show ‘Only Fools & Horses.’ “Stick a pony in my pocket, and I’ll retrieve the luggage from the vehicle,” says the character. I suppose a pony costs 25 pounds (money), therefore the song is implying that if you give me some cash, I’ll go acquire the goods.

Who from Only Fools and Horses has passed away?

Trigger – Roger Lloyd Pack

Trigger, well remembered for his portrayal as the dim-witted road sweeper, died of pancreatic cancer in 2014 at the age of 69. Only Fools and Horses, which was awarded Britain’s finest sitcom in 2004, included Roger in all 39 episodes.

What happened to Del Boy’s whole fortune?

Del reveals as he walks into a courtroom that Mike is now in prison for embezzlement, and that he and Rodney have lost their country estate and penthouse apartment, which the Inland Revenue has taken to pay off their debts.