The city of Xian, China.

The “30 degrees north 30 degrees west” is a city in China.

What city is 30 degrees north 30 degrees east? |


What nation is 30 degrees north in this case?

The following is a list of nations organized by latitude.

Latitude Locations
30° N Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt’s Giza Pyramids, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, the Persian Gulf, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, southern China, southern Japan, northern Mexico, and the United States of America

What is the name of the region between 30° and 30° N? The horse latitudes are 30 degrees north and south of the equator, respectively.

What city is 60 degrees north and 30 degrees east in this manner?

Saint Petersburg is a city in Russia.

At 32 degrees latitude, where are the cities?


  • Line of longitude.
  • Dallas is a city in Texas.
  • Macon is a city in the state of Georgia.
  • Libyan capital, Tripoli.
  • Charleston is a city in the state of South Carolina.

Answers to Related Questions

What nation has a latitude of 30 degrees south and a longitude of 30 degrees east?

This is a beautiful section of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa’s most populated province.

What is the difference between 30 degrees north and 31 degrees east?

30 degrees north and 31 degrees east on the map of Cairo, Egypt. Cairo, Egypt is the setting for this scene. The 30 degrees north and 31 degrees east ’rounded’ numerical coordinates do not correspond to the city’s actual center.

Is it true that New York is further north than London?

New York is on the East Coast, but London is on the ‘West Coast,’ with its winter air coming mostly from the ocean rather than the continent. When you consider that New York is substantially closer to the equator than Britain (it is at a far lower latitude – 40 degrees North vs. 60 degrees North), it’s easy to see why.

What does it mean to have a lot of leeway?

But what exactly does it imply? There is no precise specification of where that line is drawn, but high latitude is defined as anything above 60° magnetic latitude; middle latitude is defined as anything between 50° and 60° magnetic latitude; and low latitude is defined as anything below 50° magnetic latitude.

Which latitude zone does Europe belong to?

53.0000° N, 9.0000° E are the latitude and longitude of Europe. Europe is the world’s second smallest continent by surface area, with 47 nations, yet it is also the world’s richest continent. Description: A map of Europe’s latitude and longitude, including islands and nation borders.

Is Japan given the same leeway as the United Kingdom?

Is Japan not given the same leeway as the United Kingdom? No, Japan (excluding the disputed islands with Russia) is far further south than the UK – Sapporo in Northern Japan is as far south as Vladivostok, and the two cities are separated by the Sea of Japan by around 300 miles.

At 45 degrees north latitude, what cities are there?

The 45th parallel runs north of Barrie, Ontario, indicating that the Toronto Metropolitan Area and Western Ontario are to the south. St. John, New Brunswick is to the north, while Halifax, Nova Scotia is to the south. All western cities, including Montreal and Ottawa, are north of 45 degrees.

Which nation has the greatest flexibility?

The following is a list of the top ten countries in terms of latitude:

  • Brazil has a score of 39.0.
  • 36.5 points for Russia.
  • 36.4 in Chile.
  • China has a score of 33.3.
  • Argentina is at 30.6 percent.
  • 30.3. in Canada
  • Australia is ranked 28.4 in the world.
  • India has a population of 27.4 million people.

What cities are located at a latitude of 30 degrees?

Technically, the 30th parallel north only runs through:

  • (29o45′) – Houston, Texas The metro region, which is America’s fifth largest, has a population of 6.3 million people.
  • Egypt’s capital and biggest city is Cairo (30o3′).
  • Shiraz, Iran (29o37′) is one of Iran’s most populous cities, with a population of 1.5 million people.
  • Multan is a city in Pakistan.

What is the latitude of 60 degrees north?

A circle of latitude 60 degrees north of the equator is known as the 60th parallel north. Europe, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North America, and the Atlantic Ocean are all crossed by it. The 60th parallel is half the length of the Equator line, but being twice as far away from the Equator as the North Pole.

What is the location of the 35th parallel?

A circle of latitude 35 degrees north of the Earth’s equatorial plane is known as the 35th parallel north. Africa, the Mediterranean Sea, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North America, and the Atlantic Ocean are all traversed by it.

At 42 degrees latitude, where are the cities?

United States of America

  • Crescent City is a city in the state of California.
  • Yreka, California is a town in the state of California.
  • Hartford is a city in Connecticut.
  • Ames is a city in Iowa.
  • Chicago is located in the state of Illinois.
  • Kalamazoo is a city in the state of Michigan.
  • Coldwater is a town in the state of Michigan.
  • Erie, Pennsylvania is a city in Pennsylvania.

What are the seven different types of pressure belts?

The following are the seven pressure belts:

  • low equatorial,
  • highs in the subtropics,
  • and the sub-polar lows
  • the polar peaks

What is the Cancer Tropic in degrees?

The Tropic of Cancer is a latitude line that runs 23.5 degrees north of the equator on Earth. The Sun reaches its highest northerly declination of +23.5 degrees on the northern summer solstice/southern winter solstice (about the 21st June each year).

At 30 degrees latitude, why are there deserts?

(At the Equator, there are no deserts; instead, there are tropics.) The increasingly chilly, dry air rises higher in the sky and flows away from the equator. The air lowers about 30 degrees latitude in both hemispheres (north and south). Because the air expands as it heats, condensation and precipitation are uncommon.

What are the Earth’s parallels?

Longitude and latitude are two terms that are used interchangeably (Meridians and Parallels) The Equator is an imaginary circle that runs parallel to the Earth’s poles. Parallels of latitude are circles that run parallel to the Equator (lines that travel east and west). They’re used to calculate latitude north and south of the Equator.

What nation has a latitude of 30 degrees north and a longitude of 0 degrees?

The sun reaches a maximum height of 83.83 degrees on June 21 and 36.17 degrees on December 21. One degree of longitude is 96.49 kilometers or 59.95 miles at this latitude. All throughout the globe.

Co-ordinates Country, region, or body of water Notes
0°0′E 30°0′N 30°0′N 30°0′N 30°0′N 30°0 Algeria  
9°28′E 30°0′N 30°0′N 30°0′N 30°0′N 30° Libya  
30°0′N 24°56′E 30°0′N 24°56′E Egypt Just south of Cairo, we’re passing through.