The lighthouse is a Victorian-era structure that used to be one of the main landmarks in Sunyshore City. Unfortunately, it has been demolished for some time now and replaced with buildings like the Sunyshore Department Store.

The “how to get to sunyshore city” is a question that has been asked many times. The lighthouse can be found in the harbor, and there are two ways to get there: by boat or by submarine.

Where is the lighthouse in Sunyshore city? |

The Vista Lighthouse is located on Sunyshore City’s far southeast side. It was constructed to aid with the navigation of ships and boats into Sunyshore’s port, as well as to provide safety and protection to all Sailors.

Also, where can I find a gym in Sunyshore City?

Sunyshore City’s official gym is the Sunyshore Gym. It is based on Pokémon of the Electric type. Volkner is the Gym Leader. The Beacon Badge is awarded to trainers who beat him.

Also, where does one obtain a waterfall in Diamond? After defeating Volkner (the Sunnyshore gym leader), proceed to the beach, where Jasmine (a Johto Steel type Gymleader) will present you with the HM Waterfall.

So, how do you travel to the city of Sunyshore?


  1. After you’ve defeated Candice in Sunyshore, go to the nearby lake.
  2. You must get seven gym badges and complete all of the activities at Spear Pillar.
  3. I agree with what they said.
  4. Once you’ve earned the first seven gym badges, go straight to the beach resort.
  5. Ascend Mount to the summit.

In Pokemon Pearl, where is Jasmine?

Jasmine comes at Sunnyshore City in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum to offer the playerHM07 Waterfall.

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How can you reclaim Sunyshore’s gym leader?

The Pokemon Mart and theSunyshore Mart are both located here, where you may purchase Seals for your Balls. Otherwise, proceed to the Vista Lighthouse, which is located to the south-east. To get the Gym Leader to return to his Gym, speak with him inside. Prepare for your last Gymbattle by heading to the Gym in the city’s north-west part.

Volkner owns which Pokemon?

Volkner originally appears as the Sunyshore City Gym Leader in Generation IV’s Diamond and Pearl games, specializing on Electric Pokémon. His Gym is divided into three rooms, each containing massive gears, electrical equipment, and rotating walkways.

In Pokemon Diamond, where is the 8th gym?


  1. Plus, you’ll need a master ball, which you can buy at thegalactic location in Veilstone City.
  2. You must go to Spear Piller and capture or beat Dialga.
  3. You must go to the lake through Veilstone and Pastoria to reach Sunnyshore City.
  4. Go to the lighthouse in Syneshore City and look for the gym leader at the top.

In Pokemon, how old is Clair?


??? Clair??? Ibuki
“Dragon Pokémon’s Blessing User”
Age: 19
Hometown: City of Blackthorn

What’s the best way to catch palkia?

You must speak with him in order for him to drop it in front of you before leaving. It unlocks the warehouse door on the other side of town. Then go to the Veilstone Team Galactic HQ and follow the path until you find Cyrus. Defeat him, then go to Mt. Coronet via Oreburgh or Hearthomeside.

In Pearl, where is the waterfall?

HM07 Waterfall is available for purchase.

Return to Jasmine after defeating Gym Leader Volkner, and she will grant you HM07 Waterfall, the last HM required to enter the Pokémon League. Proceed to Route 223 and you’ll be on your way to the League.

In Pokemon Pearl, how do you get rock climb?


  1. Rock Climb isn’t required to get it.
  2. There will be a house along Route 217 on your way to Snowpoint City.
  3. You discover it amid a snowstorm outside Snowpoit City, at the home of a hiker who offers you something when you discover it.
  4. When you’re in a snowstorm, stay to the left till you can find a home.

In Pokemon Diamond, how do you get Dialga?

You’ll have to fight any Galactic Grunts you come across until you get at Cyrus’ lab. Defeat Cyrus in battle. He’ll instruct you to rescue the Lake Trio by going to the warp panel that leads to them. After that, he’ll give you a Master Ball and send you to Mt.

How can I get to the Platinum level of Sunyshore?

You’ll need Giratina and seven gym badges, and then you’ll need to find the person who was obstructing your way to sunyshorecity.

What is the location of the suite key in Pokemon Platinum?

Platinum. The Suite Key is hidden at the resort near Lake Valor on Route 213.

How can you get access to Team Galactic’s headquarters?

Go to the GalacticHQ, which is situated in the northeast side of town. In front of the building, you’ll find an unidentified Galactic Gruntin who will flee after speaking with you. It’s what he leaves behind, though, that matters most. After he goes, look for the StorageKey on the ground.

In Pokemon Diamond, where is Team Galactic’s headquarters?

The Galactic Warehouse can be found on the Veilstone City’s northwestern outskirts. It’s atop a little hill near to Team Galactic’s headquarters.