The Pokemon game “Pokemon Platinum” is a difficult game to track down. It has been missing for over 10 years–but now, one player just found it in his attic.

The “where is defog in pokemon brilliant diamond” is a question that has been asked by many people. In Pokemon Platinum, the Defog Pokemon will be on Route 216.

Where is Defog Pokemon Platinum? |

Go to Solaceon Town and visit the Solaceon Ruins, searching for HM Defog’s hall.

Also, in Pokemon Platinum, how do you use Defog?


  1. Go to the town of Solaceon.
  2. Goall the way to the right from the top of the village, which leads to Route 210, then leap down the ledges to the right.
  3. From there, descend into the tunnel that leads to the Solaceon Ruins.
  4. Go up, then down the right-hand stairwell from the entryway.

In Pokemon, what does Defog do? On the target’s side of the field, Defog clears any fog, as well as Light Screen, Reflect, Safeguard, Mist, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, and Stealth Rock.

Defog isn’t in diamond, so where is he?


  • When you enter the Great Marsh in Pastoria, there should be a person on your right who has it.
  • Talk to the person to your right as you enter the pastoria huge marsh, and he’ll give it to you.
  • When you agree to capture the pokemon at the frontdesk in Pastoria City, there should be a guy inside the vast marshentrance.

Where does platinum obtain its strength?


  • Riley hands it on to you on Iron Island.
  • When you visit Iron Island and speak with Riley, he will grant you HM Strength.
  • You don’t need hm04 strength right now, but Riley offers it to you before you enter the cave since it’s on Iron Island.

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Is it possible for Bibarel to learn Flash?

If you don’t want to spend experience points, you can also capture a Bibarel in the GreatMarsh. Bibarel is the ideal travel pokemon since it can learn Rock Smash, Cut, Surf, Strength, Waterfall, and Rock Climb.

Is flash required in Pokemon Platinum?

No, you don’t need Flash to access the Wayward Cave’s hidden entrance, and you don’t have to see the main area of the cave. What is the code for TM 17 in the bag? Platinum Wi-Fi Guide is now available! Click Here To Find Out Everything You Need To Know!

What is the best way to restart Pokemon Platinum?


  1. On your Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS/2DS, load Pokémon Platinum. To start it, choose it from the list of games on your portable gaming console and wait for the title screen to display.
  2. UP + SELECT + Bbutton should all be pressed at the same time.
  3. “YES” should be selected.
  4. Restart Pokémon Platinum if necessary.

I’m looking for surf platinum, but I’m not sure where to get it.


  • After fighting Cyrus and galacticgrunt, you may visit the celestial town shrine. If you speak with the elder, she will give it to you. nimbus5 is the user’s name.
  • Go to the ancient town, which includes Palkia and Dealga’s cave paintings on the walls.

What happened to the ruins of Solaceon?

The Solaceon Ruins (Japanese:?????) are a set of ruins in Japan. In Sinnoh, the ZuiRuins are a complex of ruins where the player may locate the Unown. It’s located to the east of SolaceonTown.

On Pokemon Platinum, how can you acquire rock climb?


  1. Discover the home on Route 217 with a hikerinside to find Rock Climb.
  2. For additional information, go to
  3. You’ll find a pokeball with HM08 Rock Climb somewhere above a home, and it’s close to the house that you may rest. (A little out of the way from Snowpoint City on Route 217)

In Pokemon Diamond, where do you go after Pastoria City?


  1. Next to the PastoriaGreat Marsh, there should be a member of the Galactic squad.
  2. There are a few things to do once you’ve defeated the pastoria gym leader.
  3. Canalave City is home to the next gym leader. Following Hearthome, return to Pastoria and go to Sunny Shore City.
  4. I agree.

In Pokemon Platinum, what’s in the lost tower?

In Pokémon Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum, the Lost Tower is a tower. It is located on Route 209, just south of Solaceon Town, and is home to a variety of Ghost Pokémon. The majority of GhostPokémon created this manner are unaware that they were everalive.

In Pokemon Diamond, how can you gain strength?

Go to the town of Solcean. Then go south, where you’ll discover a tower with two elderly ladies on the top level; the one on the left will provide you HM strength.

In Pokemon Pearl, where is the Great Marsh?

Marshes of the Great. The Great Marsh in Sinnoh’s Pastoria City is home to a variety of Pokémon that aren’t seen anyplace else in Sinnoh. It costs 500 to enter, and you’ll get 30 Safari Balls to capture Pokémon. However, you can only go 500 feet before your time runs out, however you may leave at any moment.

In Pokemon Pearl, where can you find surf?


  • After clearing the Galactic Gruntin in front of the shrine and entering, you obtain it in Celestic Town. After hearing her narrative about the lake Pokemon, the elder grants you HM03, Surf.
  • When arriving for the first time at Celestic Town. All you have to do now is battle the cosmic grunts who have taken up residence in the ruins.

What kind of Pokemon may be found in the Great Marsh?

Pastoria City’s Great Marsh (Japanese:??? GreatMarsh) is a location. It’s Sinnoh’s Safari Zone, and it’s home to several Pokémon found nowhere else in Sinnoh. It’s full of marshy places with tall grass that are home to wild Pokémon, unlike conventional marsh tiles.

What’s the best way to obtain Spiritomb?


  1. In the Hallowed Tower, place the item Odd Keystone (pile of rockssouth from Solaceon Town).
  2. Go to the subway and chat to 32 individuals (you can do thisin several trips).
  3. Approach the ledges and press A in front of them. Spiritomb is supposed to be there.
  4. Defeat Spiritomb and capture it. You’ve also managed to catch a Spiritomb! Advertisement.

In platinum, how do you go to Iron Island?

Pokemon to Fight

Iron Island is a Sinnoh optional region that can only be reached by sailing from Canalave City. If you’re going to Iron Island for the first time, follow our advise and only bring five Pokemon.

In Pokemon Platinum, how can you get rid of the psyduck?

A swarm of Psyducks is blocking Route 210, preventing you from reaching Celestic Town. To treat these Psyducks, you’ll need a special potion. There will be Team GalacticMembers at the Lake Valor Lakefront. Cynthia will converse with you and hand out the SecretPotion.

On Pokemon Red, how do you gain strength?

While you’re in the Safari Zone, you should go to the hidden home at the end and grab some surf before leaving. The Warden in Fushia City (whose residence is to the right of the Pokemon Center) will then grant you strength.

In Pokemon Diamond, how can you gain the HM fly?

Talk to the Galactic grunt near the massive structure in Veilstone City (Fly) and grab the Storage Key he drops. Head to the warehouse in Veilstone City and use the Storage Key to unlock the gate.