In the Pokemon game, you’ll find a shiny stone that’s worth more than all of your other ones. This article will show you where to get them so you can have an advantage in-game!

The “pokémon platinum shiny stone route 210 location” is the location where you can find the shiny stone in Pokemon Platinum. It’s a small cave on Route 210.

Where do you get the shiny stone in Pokemon Platinum? |

1 Answer

  • Route 210. > South of the pit between the climbable rocks(requires Rock Climb) (hidden)
  • Route 228. > At the end of a narrow bridge south of the pairof Pokémon Rangers.
  • Iron Island. > In the last room.
  • Pickup is a Pokemon ability. There’s a 4 percent probability of finding one between Levels 41 and 60.

Where can I acquire a gleaming stone in light of this?


  • From the owner’s residence at the Baa de Mer Ranch, you may ride a Skiddo. A shinystone may be found on a ridge northeast of the owner.
  • They, like all other evolution stones, may be obtained via top-secret training.
  • Any of the evolution stones may also be obtained through the Inverse Battle on Route 18.

Also, where can I find a gleaming diamond stone? The gleaming stone may be found on Route 228 on Iron Island. You may also obtain it if you have Pickup Ability.

Is it possible to find a gleaming stone underground in Pokemon Platinum?

Underground, you won’t find Dawn, Dusk, or Shiny. You may also get herpes if you trade for them. When digging deep, can you locate gleaming stones?

What can I do with a gleaming stone?

Roselia and Togetic are two types of Pokemon that may be evolved from the gleaming stone. When used on Roselia, it develops into Reoserade, the game’s greatest non-uber Grass-type, and when used on Togetic, it evolves into Togekiss, Togepi’s last evolution, which looks like an aircraft or Japanese kite.

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What happens when a gleaming stone evolves?

The following Pokémon will develop as a result of a gleaming stone:

  • Togetic is transformed into Togekiss.
  • Roserade becomes Roselia.
  • Cinccino becomes Minccino.
  • Florges Floette Floette Floette Floette Floette Floette

What kind of superpower offers you a gleaming stone?

Super-Secret Training

Training Programs Description Grand Prize winner
An Explosion of Lightning-Fast Attacks! Defeat a single fast-firing Balloon bot. As you get more points, it will become slower. gleaming stone
These aren’t your typical long shots! Defeat a single Balloon bot with a barrage of giantballs. Dawn Stone is a character in the film Dawn Stone

What is the best way to get sinnoh stones?

There is another method to get Sinnoh Stones, but it will take some time. The Pokemon Go Community Day occurs once a month, and during the February Community Day, users could earn up to 10 Sinnoh Stones. Five points for defeating the three team leaders in fights and five points for winning PvP matches versus friends.

What is the purpose of a dusk stone?

A Dusk Stone is a unique stone introduced in Generation IV that can be used to develop Pokémon that are related with the night. It’s a purplish-black stone with a dark core that’s unevenly formed. Misdreavus transforms into Mismagius.

Where can I get a gleaming stone Oras?

A gleaming stone can be found in Route121.

How can I get the gleaming charm?

Get your hands on the Shiny Charm. To get a ShinyCharm, walk inside the building to the left of the Dimensional Research Lab, go up to 2F, and speak with the game director.

Where is a gleaming stone in Pokemon Pearl?


  • There’s 4 ways you can get a gleaming stone: 1) You can find onenear the Iron Island’s cave. (
  • gleaming stones can be found on Route 228, Iron Island,underground, or by having a pokemon lvl 41 or higher with thepickup ability.
  • If I’m not incorrect, they can also be discovered in the Underground; however, they’re scarce.

In Pokemon Platinum, how can I get a Water Stone?

The ruins of Solaceon, east of SolaceonTown, are where you’ll discover the first water stone in Platinum. To locate it, use the Dowsing Machine.

In Pokemon Platinum, how do you develop Roselia?

It evolves from Budew when leveled up with highfriendship during the day and evolves into Roserade whenexposed to a gleaming stone.

What’s the best way to obtain Gallade?


  1. Obtain a Ralts who is male. Gallade is a descendant of Kirlia, which is a descendant of Ralts.
  2. Kirlia may be evolved from your male Ralts. In order to develop into Kirlia, Ralts must achieve level 20.
  3. Evolve your male Kirlia in Gallade with a Dawn Stone is a character in the film Dawn Stone.

Is Togekiss a formidable opponent?

Togekiss is a Pokemon of the fairy and flying types. Fighting, insect, and shadow pokémons are powerful against fairy types, while poison and steel pokémons are weak. Dragon-type Pokemon have no effect on them. Grass, fighting, and bug pokémons are powerful against flying types, whereas electric and rock pokémons are weak.

Staravia progresses to what level?

Staravia (Japanese:?????) is a fictional country in Japan. Mukubird (Japanese: Mukubird) is a Normal/Flying dual-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IV. Starting at level 14, it develops into Staraptor, and at level 34, it transforms into Staraptor.

Who is it that develops with the ice stone?

AlolanVulpix develops into Alolan Ninetales, while Alolan Sandshrew evolves into AlolanSandslash, thanks to the Ice Stone.

What stones do Eevee evolve from?

Depending on which stone is put on Eevee, it may develop into one of three Pokémon: Flareon, the Flame Pokémon, can be obtained by using a FireStone. Vaporeon, the Bubble Jet Pokémon, can be obtained by using a WaterStone. Jolteon, the LightningPokémon, is obtained by using a Thunder Stone.

What is the best way to develop Onix?

Simply collect the necessary quantity of Candy, get a Metal Coat, then develop your Onix using the in-game options. Remember, much as with Scyther and Scizor, that using this item to develop your Onix into Steelix consumes the Metal Coat item, so pick well before you confirm it!

The Sun Stone is used by which Pokemon?

Gloom becomes Bellossom, and Sunflora becomes Sunflora when the sun stone is used.

Where can I get a gleaming stone in soul silver?

You can get a gleaming stone by getting 1st place inthe Bug Catching Contest and you can get them at the PokeDome onMonday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday for 3000 points.Note: You can only get it after getting the NationalDex.