The student section is the bleacher seats behind home plate, that are on the first base line.

The “wvu student tickets” is a section at West Virginia University. It is located in the upper deck of the Coliseum and it is where students sit during football games.

What section is the student section at WVU? |

Seating for students

West Virginia students are assigned to sections 109-110, 121, and 205-211.

Then where is the WVU football stadium’s student section?

They are located in Sections 205 to 211 and are only available to university students. These seats are situated between the 100 and 200 Levels and provide views of the stadium’s sidelines. Members of the box have additional benefits. These suites overlook the end zone and are positioned above the Touchdown Terrace.

Where do the Mountaineer Maniacs sit, too? Students may choose from “lower level,” “higher level,” or “Maniacs” classes. The top portion of Milan Puskar Stadium is reserved for all Mountaineer Maniacs. The majority of student seats are available here, however there are a limited number of tickets available on the lower level.

Also, do WVU students have access to football tickets?

1 If available, students may buy student guest tickets. Guest tickets are exclusively available via the WVU Game website at 5.1. 2 Student visitor tickets are general admission seats in Section 121 of the Upper Deck or the Senior Spirit Section 121 of the Senior Spirit Section.

What is the capacity of Milan Puskar Stadium?


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What are the WVU ticket prices?

West Virginia Mountaineers tickets are often available for as little as $7.00, with an average price of $89.00, depending on the opponent.

Is it OK to carry food inside WVU Stadium?

In the stadium, no coolers (even soft-sided coolers), metal, or glass containers are permitted. Soft drinks, water, and non-alcoholic beverages packaged in factory-sealed plastic containers are allowed.

How can I become a member of the Mountaineer Maniacs?

How can I become a member of the Mountaineer Maniacs? Each spring, Mountaineer Maniac holds a membership drive. Any student is welcome to join. If you’re interested in joining the Mountaineer Maniacs, go to or contact 304-293-8208.

What is the name of the West Virginia University football stadium?

Milan Puskar Stadium’s Mountaineer Field