High stakes refers to a type of gambling, wherein the gambler risks more money on the outcome than what is typically required for that particular game.
The term gets its name from poker and when it first came into use in relation to sports betting. High Stakes was used as an advertising slogan by William Hill PLC during their sponsorship of horse racing events at some point in 2009 or 2010.

High-stakes synonym is a term that refers to very important and risky situations. It can also refer to a situation where the stakes are high for both parties involved.

What is the meaning of high stakes? |

used to express a high-risk circumstance in which someone is likely to gain or lose an advantage, a large sum of money, or other valuables: In a bid to turn itself into a multibrand empire, the corporation has undertaken some high-stakes investments.

Are the stakes high, to put it that way?

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English) high stakesa) If the stakes are high when attempting something, you risk losing a lot of money or being in danger if you fail. Climbing is a risky sport with huge risks.

The issue then becomes: what is another name for big stakes? High-stakes gambler and bettor synonyms.

Similarly, you could wonder, “What do the stakes mean?”

The things that can be gained or lost in a contest or a risky action are the stakes. The game was frequently played between two huge groups for enormous stakes. bet, ante, wager, chance Synonyms: bet, ante, wager, chance More Stake synonyms are words that are similar to the word stake. 3. it is a transitive verb

Is there a hyphen in high stakes?

If there had been a hyphen between them I.e. > (high-stakes) it would have become an adjective, but it seems that the word (high) is the only adjective here, and that the latter (stake”s”) is a noun.

Answers to Related Questions

What does it mean to own a 20% share in a company?

A 20% interest in a firm entails owning 20% of the company. In the case of a corporation, this entails owning 20% of the issued and outstanding stock. If a company has excess cash and no other use for it, it may pay a dividend to its shareholders.

What does it imply when something is on the line?

phrase. If something is on the line, it is being put at risk of being lost or damaged if you fail. For a game with so much on the line, the anxiety was understandably high. stake.

What does the term “stakes” mean in the context of writing?

It means making sure they’re invested in the characters and the plot’s outcome – enough so that they want to keep turning the pages. One guaranteed approach to do so is to carefully analyze the stakes of your tale. What is at risk for your protagonist throughout the narrative is referred to as story stakes.

What is the purpose of stakes?

A stake is a sharpened wooden stick that is used to establish property limits (or slay a vampire). People used to gamble by staking their wagers on wooden stakes throughout the Middle Ages. Stakes were eventually given to the bets themselves.

What are the arguments’ stakes?

When we accept or reject an argument, we are putting our objectives or investments on the line. Stakes also assist us in determining the risks and advantages of a debate. Individuals who will bear the risks or advantages of the argument are referred to as stakeholders.

What does “too much on the line” imply?

The idiom “at stake” means “ready to be won or lost; at risk; hanging in the balance.” That’s a very dangerous bet. What is the amount of money at stake? This bet has everything riding on it for me.

What are the materials that stakes are made of?

Stakes are typically composed of wood and come in a variety of sizes. Alignment stakes, offset stakes, grade stakes, and slope stakes are various names for stakes that are used in different ways.

What are the similarities and differences between the rewards and the stakes?

The distinction between stake and reward as nouns

is that a stake is a long, narrow piece of wood or other material pointed at one end so that it may be readily driven into the ground as a marker, support, or stay, while a reward is anything of value provided in exchange for an act.

What is another word for crucial?

vital, essential, high-priority, important, momentous, pressing, urgent are adjectives that describe vital, essential, high-priority, significant, momentous, pressing, urgent situations. crucial, important, vital, decisive

Is the SAT an exam with a high stakes?

A high school student in the United States may feel under pressure to do well on the SAT-I college entrance test. SAT results, on the other hand, do not directly decide admission to any institution or university, and there is no apparent distinction between those who pass and those who fail, therefore it is not legally regarded a high-stakes exam.

What is a synonym for important?

Significant world-shattering probatory large probatory prodigious remarkable evidentiary epoch-making portentous earthshaking fundamental important world-shaking epochal momentous evidential operative significance noteworthy profound monumental

What is a synonym for the word “dangerous”?

SYNONYMS. hazardous, perilous, risky, high-risk, dangerous, unsecured, exposed, susceptible, touch-and-go, chancy, difficult, treacherous