In this game, you have to find the homophone of a word. P-e-r-u is spelled with “y”, not “i”.

The “pray and prey meaning and sentence” is a word that can be spelled many different ways. The homophone of the word is “prey”.

What is the homophone of prey? |

The answer is straightforward: pray and prey are homophones in English.

What is the difference between pray and prey, other from that?

Here’s a quick way to remember the difference between prey and pray. Although both of these terms are verbs, only prey is a noun. As a result, if the word is used as a noun, it should be spelled prey. In the context of worship, pray is employed, while prey is used in the sense of food.

What is the homophone for SAW, by the way? Words that sound the same but have diverse meanings are known as homophones. Some homophones have the same pronunciation and spelling but have distinct meanings (homonyms). For instance, rose (the flower) and rose (past tense of the verb to rise) tyre (a vehicle tire) and tire (past tense of the verb to rise) (to becometired).

In a similar vein, what is prey?

prey on large herds of wildebeest and zebra: Lions hunt on massive herds of wildebeest and zebra. Someone who preys on a group of people attempts to gain something from them unlawfully or unfairly: These telemarketers phone the elderly 5 or 10 times a day.

What is the best way to utilize the word prey in a sentence?

In a sentence, examples of prey The lion kept a close eye on its victim. Looking for prey, the bird circled overhead. Sharks find seals to be easy prey. Swindlers and other thieves prey on the elderly all too frequently.

Answers to Related Questions

What exactly does it mean to prey on another person?

Owls feed onmice, which they chase and kill for food. 2. To take advantage of, exploit, or profit at the cost of someone: Pickpockets prey on naïve travelers. 3. To cause damage or injury to something or someone: Guilt preyed on him and finally forced him to confess.

What does the term “prey” mean?

A prey animal is one that is hunted for sustenance. During hunting season, if you’re an adelicious-looking deer, keep an eye on your rear! All those people in orange jackets with weapons are hunting you down. Prey may also refer to a human being who is the target of an assault or mockery by another person.

What is the difference between a predator and a prey?

Relationships between predators and prey. An apredator is a creature that feeds on other creatures. Theprey refers to the creature that the predator consumes. Lion and zebra, bear and fish, and fox and rabbit are instances of predator and prey.

What does it mean to pray for prey?

prey. The word “pray” is always used as a verb. To topray is to make a sincere request and to say a prayer to a deity or some higher power. Prey is a word that refers to someone who is being hunted or assaulted, as well as a verb that means to hunt, capture, or devour as prey.

Is praying a religious practice?

In the Quran, the instruction to do ritual prayer appears many times. The guy does the prayer while facing the Kaaba in Mecca.

What is the definition of a homophone word?

A homophone is a word that is pronouncedthe same (to varied degree) as another word but varies inmeaning. A homophone’s spelling may also vary. Rose (flower) androse (past tense of “rise”) may be written the same way, or differently, as in carat, andcarrot, or to, two, and too.