The whistle is a weapon in the game and you can use it to alert other players of your presence. You’ll find that whistles are found often on some maps like Havana, where they’re used by both civilians as well as gang members during combat.

“Mafia 3 how to call arms dealer pc” is a question that has been asked many times. To answer the question, you would whistle in Mafia 3 PC.

How do you whistle in Mafia 3 PC? |

In Mafia III, you must first be covert and unnoticed in order to whistle effectively. Then, while you’re hiding under cover, just press left on your directional pad to hear Lincoln blow a whistle. The opponent who is closest to you will then approach you. This is the time to attack for a sneaky takedown.

So, in Mafia 3, how do you launch grenades from your car?

Break the window with L1 and then toss the grenade with L2. Cook the grenade before tossing it, but don’t hold it for too long or it may blow up your automobile.

Where can I acquire ammunition in Mafia 3 as well? In Mafia 3, this is how you gain unlimited ammunition for any of your firearms.

  • Make a call to the weapons dealer and have him come to your place.
  • Change to a different weapon that you aren’t presently using.
  • To equip that weapon, choose it.
  • Return to your prior weapon with low or no ammunition.
  • Put the firearm on your person.
  • Your ammunition will now be replenished at no cost to you.

As a result, one could wonder, how do you aim in Mafia 3?

Mafia 3 is out, and it allows you to be the vengeful murderer you always wanted to be. Mafia 3 Gamepad & Keyboard Commands.

Command PS4 Xbox One
Intelligence point of view Touchpad Xbox logo
Change your weapon. L1 LB
Close and open the weapon wheel Hold L1 Hold LB
Aim L2 LT



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