In the Cree language, there is no word for love, because it’s not a descriptive term. To say “I love you” in Cree means I’m going to take your stuff and run away with it! So how do we express our feelings of affection? We make up new words like:
-Wakùpi – which means my heart beats faster when I see you
-Tshwêiyitâhtikamig – What are we doing tonight?

The “my love in cree” is a phrase that translates to “I love you”. It is the most commonly used term for romantic feelings. The word for romantic feelings in Cree is “miiwaskwaan.”

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In this case, what does I love you mean in Cree?

(By the way, the Cree word for “I love you” is kisâkihitin – gi-SAH-gih-tin.)

Also, in Cree, how do you express yes? A list of helpful Cree phrases. Cree is an Algonquin language spoken mostly in Canada. Cree phrases that are useful.

Phrase Nhiyawwin / Nhiyawwin / Nhiyawwin / Nhiyawwin / N (Cree)
Have a wonderful day.  
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / /  
Good luck / Have a pleasant travel  
Yes (Eha)??? (Eha)??? (Eha)??? (Eha) (Ehe)

Also, what does the Cree expression HIY HIY mean?

This is a means of expressing gratitude. All of this implies that when you write “hiy hiy,” it seems like it should be pronounced “hee hee.” In the Cree SRO, we write “hay hay” to describe something that sounds like “high high” in English.

What does it mean to be Kisakihitin?

Kisakihitin is Plains Cree for “I adore you.”

Answers to Related Questions

What does the Cree word kisik mean?

kisik, kisik, kisik, kis IPC as, at the same time, concurrently; and also, in addition to (CW)

What does Grandfather mean in Cree?

Cree Words (Season 1)

Greetings, Episode 101
Mother Nikawi
Father Nohtawi
Grandmother Kokum or Nohkom
Grandfather Nimosom

What does the Cree word Awas mean?

Get out of my way; keep going; keep going; keep going; keep going; keep going; keep going; keep going; keep going

[IPC]???? awas Source: Arok Wolvengrey, Cree: Words. awasitik (sg) and awasitik (pl).

In Cree, how do you pronounce snow?

Snow, come to life. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? (4098) It’s snowing outside. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? (4099) It’s snowing outside (flurries).

In Cree, how do you say “great grandmother”?

Great-grandson; great-granddaughter; great-grandson; great-nephew; great-niece; great-grandfather, Var. omosômâw; great-grandmother, Var. okômâw; great-grandparent, Var. onekihikomâw; great-uncle, Var. onekihikomâw; great-uncle, Var. onekihikomâw; great-uncle, Var.

What does it mean to be Neestow?

This term technically means “brother-in-law,” but it is the Cree’s vocative for anybody with whom he has a good feeling. 1965 [[They]] would spend the summer on Indian reservations as part of a social assistance program called Neestow (Cree for “brother-in-law”).]

What does it mean to be Tugeye?

What Does Tugeye Mean? Thanks! T stands for time, which you provide to your friends. U stands for “unite,” and you are the one who brings people together.

What does the Cree word Tuguy mean?

Tuguy has just one meaning. 1.[0] Penis is a Cree word.

What does the Cree word kiyam mean?

Kiyam is a Cree term that means “when you’re completely at peace with yourself,” which means that nothing anybody says or does will have a negative impact on you.

What does the Cree word Astum mean?

Today’s Cree word. 6th of December, 2016 Astum translates to “come hither” or “here.” Peemootee is a word that meaning “to stroll.”

What exactly does Miigwetch imply?

Miigwetch has 3 definitions and 1 translation. 1. [english] “Thank you.” 2.[english] “Hello” 3.[0] I’d want to express my gratitude.

What do the Cree people refer to themselves as?

Plains Cree refers to Cree Indians from the prairies, particularly in southern Manitoba and Alberta. The Woodland Cree are Cree Indians who dwell in the woodland areas to the north and east of the city.