The EGR cooler is a system on diesel engine cars that removes the soot particles from exhaust as they exit and prevents them from getting into the intake. They are often removed for installation of an aftermarket intercooler or performance upgrades, but need to be re-installed before driving again. This article will go through how to remove the EGR cooler with step by step instructions and pictures

The “6.4 powerstroke egr cooler delete” is a question about how to remove the EGR cooler on a 6.4 Powerstroke. This can be done by removing the two bolts that hold the cooler in place and then pulling it out from under the truck.

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Is it also required to eliminate the EGR?

Your check engine light may be triggered by an EGR removal. An EGR delete is not the panacea that many people believe it to be. In ALL 50 STATES, an EGR deletion is illegal. All automobiles must comply with federal emissions regulations.

Is it possible to execute a DPF delete without a tuner? There is no way to remove DPF without a tuner or a DPF-r gadget. You can also remove the DPF and deal with the check engine light, but you’ll need a Ford scan tool to clear the regen and reset the DPF countdown. Without a DPF, it will go into regen and stay there.

Similarly, how can I know if my 6.4 EGR has been deleted?

The easiest method to know is to peek beneath the passenger’s side intake manifold. If your EGR cooler has been removed, you’ll see a metal “J”-shaped tube flowing from under the intake manifold (towards the front) to the oil cooler cover beneath the turbo.

What is the purpose of the EGR delete on a 6.7 Powerstroke?

Ford Powerstroke Diesel 6.7 11-14 EGR Delete Kit Clean air will now be allowed to flow into your engine, keeping your intake soot-free, thanks to the installation of an EGR deletion kit. Reduced exhaust gas temperatures, lower intake temperatures, more horsepower, and faster turbo spool are all benefits of clean dense air.

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On a 6.0 Powerstroke, how much does it cost to replace the EGR cooler?

You should expect to spend anything from $650 to approximately $1600 to get it replaced. The average cost is about $1,100, although the amount you spend may vary depending on the automobile you have and the cost of components and labor for that car. The labor will cost you about $440 on average, but it might be a few hundred dollars more.

What is the procedure for replacing an EGR cooler?

Part 1 of 3: Determine the location of the EGR cooler

  1. Materials are required.
  2. Locate the EGR cooler in the first step.
  3. Disconnect the negative battery cable first.
  4. Step 2: Remove the radiator’s coolant.
  5. Remove the EGR cooler fasteners and gasket in step three.
  6. Step 4: If equipped, disconnect the EGR cooler clamps and brackets.

What happens if your EGR is deleted?

When using the EGR deletion, certain engines may start banging once the alteration is finished. The shift in the engine’s temperature profile is partly to blame for this problem. Because the quality of the oil that goes through the engine deteriorate quicker than usual, you might also generate a knock.

Is it possible to bypass the EGR valve?

EGR valves often clog with soot and fail to work correctly. They’re only meant to open under specified conditions and are managed by the engine management system. You may reinstall your valve after cleaning it with carb cleaner. You may also fully blank or bypass the valve.

Is it true that eliminating EGR boosts power?

Increased horsepower, reduced engine operating temperatures, and Fuel efficiency has improved. are some of the most typical reasons for removing an EGR valve.

Is a tuner required for EGR deletion?

The passage of exhaust gases to the EGR valve and out of the intake manifold is blocked by an EGR delete. 6. To turn off the check engine light, you’ll need a tuner like the SCT SF3 ($379.00). The EGR cooler from BPD is the same price as the deletion.

Will removing the EGR cause the check engine light to come on?

Simply said, an EGR delete is a component that stops exhaust from entering the engine again. The check engine light will come on if you install an EGR deletion on a 2006 or later 6.0L truck. In fact, it will turn on the check engine light on any Ford 6.0L with software updated since about 2005.

Will the removal of the EGR generate black smoke?

Any smoke, in fact, would fall under this category. Defective injectors, a faulty injector pump, a poor air filter (causing not enough oxygen to be delivered), a bad EGR valve (causing the valves to clog), or even a bad turbocharger are the most prevalent reasons of black smoke. Some of these issues are simple to resolve.

Is it true that blanking the EGR causes engine damage?

An EGR Blanking Plate May Not Be The Best Solution For These Reasons. The EGR system, like your engine, can be kept in good working order with appropriate maintenance. The EGR is in place to cut down on emissions. The EGR minimizes the worst of the three major pollutants produced by a gasoline or diesel combustion engine: NOx.

What are the advantages of using EGR delete?

The Benefits of an EGR Delete Kit

Disabling it properly reduces soot deposits, preventing dangerous substances from reentering the engine and generating problems. Diesel MPG is recovered with improved engine power, which provides higher fuel efficiency.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of EGR deletion?

EGR Delete Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Increased efficiency This is not a street legal alteration since it violates federal emission rules.
Fuel efficiency has improved.
Removes any doubts about the EGR system’s dependability.
Temperatures of exhaust gases might be reduced (EGT)

How much does it cost to eliminate EGR?

With modifications in place, you get the same fuel economy gains. 5. The majority of Ford owners can afford an EGR deletion for their engine. In most places, an EGR delete kit for a Ford 6.0 diesel will cost about $329 before work.