We need to find some cycling roads in platinum.

The “where is cycling road in pokemon brilliant diamond” is a question that has been asked many times before. Cycling roads are not found in the game and there is no way to find them out.

Where is the cycling road in platinum? |

Route 206 links Eterna City with Route 207 and is a lengthy southward route. This route contains the region’s Cycling Road, which requires the use of a bicycle. However, under the surface lies a path that leads to Wayward Cave and includes several trainers.

Where can you obtain earthquake in platinum here?

There are two responses. It may be discovered in the cave of Wayard. Watch this video to learn how to discover Wayardcave. It may also be purchased at the combat frontier for 48 battle points.

What happened to Mira from Pokemon Platinum? In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Mira is one of five Trainers who may accompany the main character during an event. She may also compete in the playerin competition at Sinnoh’s Battle Tower later on. She appears for the first time in the Wayward Cave. She became disoriented while searching for Pokémon and needed to be taken away.

People also wonder where they may find Gible.

To catch Gible, proceed to Oreburgh city and follow the bike road route. Gible may be located in a secret cave under the surface. To get to the portion of the cave where Gible is located, you’ll need strength and cutting ability.

What is the best route to go to B1F in Wayward Cave?

A map of Wayward Cave may be found by clicking here. To expand any of the maps, just click on it. Gible may be located on B1F of the Wayward Cave, with a 15% chance of being discovered. To get to B1F, take Cycling Road south and turn right until you’re in front of the Cut shrubs.

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In platinum, where can you acquire ice beam?

If you walk down Route 216 from Snowpoint City and search for anything you can rock climb on, it will be at one of the corners at the end when you come back up. There is a home where you may heal if you go from Route 217 to Route 216. From there, go straight past one of the trainers and begin rock climbing.

In Platinum, where do you acquire brick break?

TM 31 Brick Break can be found on the lowest level of Oreburgh Gate.

Where can you acquire platinum Thunderbolt?

Valley Windworks is the name of the game’s version. To get to the TM that is behind Valley Windworks, you must surf from the river on Route 205.

Where can you acquire a platinum flamethrower?

To begin, you may get it at the price exchange in Veilstone City, but you must have at least 10.000 currency in order to do so, and it will, of course, waste your time. The second is the simple one, which you can find to the north of Floraroma town.

Is earthquake a trademarked term?

Earthquake (??? in Japanese) Earthquake) is a Ground-type move that does damage. It was first introduced in Generation I. Except for Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!, where it isTM41, it isTM26 in all core series games thus far.

Where is the platinum move tutor?

MOVE TUTORS FOR POKEMON PLATINUM. The movedeleter is located in a home immediately south of the Canalave CityPokemon Center. In Pastoria City, the move maniac may be found in a home near the water. If you offer him a Heart Scale, he will teach a move that your Pokemon learned at a lower level.

Is Gible an uncommon Pokemon Go character?

Try getting your hands on a shiny Pichu with a haton for a combo of event Pokémon and Shiny babies. This is a difficult one, but it’s really uncommon. Gible: For the time being, Gible serves as a stand-in for the adorablelittle shark thing, which will no longer be the rarest Pokémon.

What is the location of Gible platinum?


  1. Alternatively, if you’re fortunate, you may be able to locate an evolved version of Gible Invictory Road (the place to get to the sinnon leage). OoItsMatt is the user name.
  2. Gible has moved to a different portion of Wayward Cave.
  3. To begin, Wayward Cave is located under Cycling Road.

Is Gible a Pokemon Go character?

Pokemon GO is a mobile game that allows you to capture In Pokemon GO, Gible is a Dragon and Ground type Pokemon with a maximum CP of 1112 with stats of 124 attack, 84 defense, and 151 stamina. It was discovered in the Sinnoh area at first (Gen 4). Dragon, Fairy, and Ice type moves are all dangerous to Gible.

What Gen does Gible belong to?

Gible (Japanese:????) is a fictional character. Fukamaru (Japanese: Fukamaru) is a Dragon/Ground Pokémon that debuted in Generation IV. At level 24, it develops into Gabite, which then evolves into Garchomp at level 48.

Is it possible to defeat Gible without using any strength?

Gible can only be found in the lowest level of Wayward Cave in Diamond/Pearl, and only if you’ve obtained the HM Strength.

Is Gible a playable character in Pokemon Go?

The arrival of the dragon and ground-type, Gible, has piqued the interest of Pokemon Go trainers. Gible’s last evolution is Garchomp. Garchomp, its ultimate evolved form, delivers some respectable stats after Gabite. It has the 19th best attack out of all the Pokemon presently available.

In Pokemon Diamond, how do you gain the HM strength?

Go to the town of Solcean. Then go south, where you’ll discover a tower with two elderly ladies on the top level; the one on the left will provide you HM strength.

After Eterna City, where do I go?

re: What happens once you get the Eterna CityBadge? You must go to Eterna’s Galatic region and train one of your Pokemon to cut. Then chop down the trees that are obstructing the exit; after you’ve done that, go obtain a bike from the cycle store and travel south to the cycling route.

Is it possible to locate Gible in the errant cave?

It’s on Route 206, under the Cycling Road, and requires Cut to get there. Directly under Cycling Road, west of the main Wayward Cave entrance, lies a concealed entrance. This cave is notable for being the only place where wild Giblein Sinnoh may be found.

What is the best way to obtain earthquake in platinum?

In Pokemon Platinum, how can you gain the TM26 Earthquake? I’ve made it to the final bicycle ramp at the upper right corner of the cave under the bridge, but it won’t leap two spaces to the spot where you need to be to acquire TM26, even in fourth gear.

The “route 206 pokémon brilliant diamond” is the location of the cycling road in platinum. The cycling road is a long route that can be found in Route 206.