Route 18 is a road in the Unova region, which allows players to reach Castelia City from Route 15 at Indigo Plateau. It’s home of an odd and unusual Pokemon called Joltik, who can be found on this route.

The “where is route 18 in pokémon white” is a question that has been asked for years. It’s not even a question, it’s more of an answer. Route 18 does not exist in the game Pokemon White.

Where is Route 18 in Pokemon Black? |

Route 18 is the most direct route. Route 18 is a big island in Unova’s south-east region. It is only accessible through Route 17 and links both the northern and southern parts of the highway.

You could also wonder how to go to Route 17 in Pokemon Black.

To get to Routes 17 and 18, fly to Nuvema Town, your home town, then walk north to Route 1. Surf on Route 1’s west side and follow the water to a west-facing beach.

Apart from that, where is Wellspring Cave in Pokemon Black? Underground Waterway Opening) is a cave in Unova that is located on Route 3’s northwest corner. When the player and Cheren first enter the cave in Pokémon Black and White, they will meet and fight four members of Team Plasma.

In a same vein, how do you travel to Route 18 Unova?

Route 18 is located in southern Unova and can only be reached by surfing through Route 17’s rapids. A steep island in the west takes up the majority of the journey. It may have originally surrounded the Desert Resort, according to some scholars. A home in the heart of the island may cure your Pokémon if necessary.

In Pokemon White, how can you obtain a waterfall?


  1. In fact, none of the TMs are nearly as important as in prior games.
  2. When you obtain surf, head to route 18 after beating the game. One of the seven sages will be there, with a pokeball to his left, which is waterfall.

Answers to Related Questions

What is the best way to travel to P2 Laboratory?

P2 Laboratory (or P2 Lab) is a tiny island containing a lab. It’s in Unova’s south-eastern region. The only way to get there is to travel west on Route 17, north on Route 18, and east on Route 17.

In Pokemon, how do you obtain N’s?

With the exception of N’s Zorua, which is obtained during the main plot by beating Rood and getting it from him, all of N’s Pokémon are obtained through Memory Link.

What kind of Pokemon can you find in Forest of Pinwheels?

Forest of Pinwheels

Pokemon in the wild
Whimsicott Grassland (Black 2)
Whirlipede Grass
Yanma Grass
Yanmega Grass Shaking

In Pokemon Black, where can I locate Drilbur?

In Wellspring Cave, you can obtain an Early Drilbur. All you need is a few repels and a little patience to acquire an early level 10-15 Drilbur. Simply enter the cave, spray on a repel, and run about till you notice a dust cloud, enter the dust cloud, and 1 out of 4 of them will be a Drilbur.

What is the best way to travel to Wellspring Cave?

Wellspring Cave is a two-story cave in Unova’s south-eastern region. Route 3 is the only way to get there. The first story is somewhat little, while the second floor is longer and dead-end. Bring a Pokemon that can Surf and Flash to help you traverse the cave.

In Pokemon Black 2, where is Chargestone Cave?

Chargestone Cave (Japanese:??????) is a cave in Japan. Electric Stone Cave is a cave in the Unova region’s western side. It has a southern exit that connects to Route 6 and a northern exit that connects to Mistralton City.

What kind of Pokemon can you find in Twist Mountain?

Twist Mountain has a number of Pokémon that you can catch.

Boldore, Woobat, and Gurdurr may all be found in Twist Mountain.

In black, where is the waterfall?

The Waterfall is located across the ocean from Route 1 on a series of cliffs. Bring a Pokémon that knows how to surf with you. Use the tiny beach to the left of Route 1 for surfing. It’s near your beginning town and an area of wild grass on the Route’s southern end.

Is a waterfall required in Pokemon Black?

However, waterfall isn’t required until after the first E4.

Where can I purchase hm waterfall?

Answers: HM07, Waterfall, can be found in Sootopolis City’s Cave of Origin, the cave where you fight Kyogre. Use Flash to light up the cave so you can see the HM when you get there.

In Black 2, where can you find a waterfall?

Waterfall will be given to you as you begin your journey down Victory Road; this HM allows you to climb up and down waterfalls. You’ve obviously gone through several sections in the game that you couldn’t get without Waterfall since it’s so late in the game.

In darkness, where do you find strength?

To get HM04 Strength, go to Nimbasa City and proceed to the buildings behind the Pokemon Center; if you proceed to the far left, a person will hand it over to you.

In Pokemon, how can you obtain waterfalls?

Waterfall is represented by the HM. To obtain Waterfall, move ahead, right, down, right, forward, left, down, left, forward, and then right to the first rock you see in the second puzzle. You should be in close proximity to the Pokeball. To pick it up, hold down A, and congratulate yourself for obtaining Waterfall!

Where can you acquire black dive?


  • Sazami is a town in Sazami. pokecenter on the left
  • In Sazanami Town, you get the HM for Dive. fail fish 84 is the user’s name.
  • In Undella Town, look for HM 6 Dive.
  • You can get it from a girl from Undella town who is standing in front of Cynthia’s (really Caitlyn’s) Villa.

In Pokemon Black, how do you obtain all of the HMs?

3 Answers

  1. Striaton City is a cut from Mokomo.
  2. From Bianca, fly to Driftveil City.
  3. From Alder, surf Twist Mountain.
  4. Nimbasa City – West is a stronghold.
  5. Route 18 – South West Corner Waterfall
  6. Dive: Undella Town – from a young lady outside the PokeCenter

In Pokemon, what does a waterfall do?

Attacks with enough strength to scale waterfalls. This is a strong charge attack. It can be used to scale a waterfall as well.

Route 18 is a route in the game Pokemon Black 2. It’s located on Route 17. Reference: route 17 pokémon black 2.