The Astrodome is the first domed sports stadium in the US and has been hosting sporting events since 1965. Selena, who was born on July 22nd 1971, performed at the dome for her sold-out concert on February 23rd 1995.

Selena performed at the Astrodome on October 31st, 1995. She sold out the venue with a crowd of 56,000 people.

When did Selena perform at the Astrodome? |

Selena performed a record-breaking rodeo performance in the Houston Astrodome 25 years ago. HOUSTON, TX – On Feb. 26, 1995, Tejano diva Selena Quintanilla-Pérez performed a sold-out rodeo event at the Houston Astrodome, setting a new record.

Also, when was Selena’s performance at the rodeo?


“How many times did Selena perform at the Houston Rodeo?” one may wonder. Quintanilla played at RodeoHouston three times, all beneath the Astrodome roof, in 1993, 1994, and 1995.

As a result, when was Selena’s final concert?

The DVD has a 99-minute running length and includes a biography of the artist as well as a 44-minute behind-the-scenes look at the filming of Selena (1997).

What was Selena’s most recent song?

Like a Flower

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In Texas, where did Selena perform?

Selena’s performance in the Houston Astrodome on February 26, 1995, produced the Astrodome’s highest attendance ever. More than 61,000 people attended the show. Many have praised Selena’s performance as her finest.

What were the Selena Quintanilla ticket prices?

Tickets are available at $40 to $200. and the Alamodome Box Office have tickets available. This article has been amended to reflect that Fiesta de la Flor, a two-day music event commemorating Selena Quintanilla’s legacy, has been held in Corpus Christi for the last five years.

Is Selena Gomez still in Houston?

After her father expressed worries about her relationship, Selena and her guitarist, Chris Pérez, eloped in April 1992.

In 1995, Selena
Born Selena Quintanilla is a Mexican actress. Lake Jackson, Texas, U.S., April 16, 1971
Died Corpus Christi, Texas, United States, March 31, 1995 (age 23)
Death Factors a wound from a gunshot

What is the location of Selena Quintanilla’s grave?

Seaside Memorial Park, Corpus Christi, Texas, United States, April 3, 1995

Is there still a Houston Astrodome?

Today, the Astrodome lies in the shadow of NRG Stadium, the home of the Houston Texans of the National Football League. The Astrodome has been vacant since it closed after the 1999 season. Nearly all of the stadium’s interior fittings, including the seats, were removed in 2016.

What is Yolanda Saldivar up to these days?

Saldvar is now serving her term in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s Mountain View Unit in Gatesville. On March 30, 2025, she will be eligible for parole.

Selena Quintanilla was assassinated.

Yolanda Saldvar is a Colombian actress.

What was Selena’s last performance before she passed away?

While the RodeoHouston gig is popularly regarded as Selena’s last performance, she went on to play in Miami, Chicago, San Antonio, and even returned in Houston as part of the Amor Prohibido Tour until her sad death two weeks after the RodeoHouston show. What’s New at the 2020 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo? RELATED: What’s New at the 2020 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo?

Is it true that Selena sang in English?

Selena was born at Lake Jackson, Texas, on April 16, 1971. Abraham Quintanilla, Selena’s father, was a former musician. Selena Y Los Dinos, his family’s band, he managed and produced. Selena was born and raised in the United States, but her father trained her to sing in Spanish so that she could connect with the Latino population.

Selena Quintanilla’s songs were written by who?

Songs that have been released

Song Writer(s) Album
“Like a Flower” # Quintanilla, A.B. Astudillo, Pete Selena Join Me in My World
“Medley de Tanto Amor” # Quintanilla, A.B. Astudillo, Pete Ones
“How Would You Like It?” Quintanilla, A.B. Ricky Vela is a character in the film Ricky Vela is a character in the film Ricky Vela is a character in the film Ricky Vela Preciosa
“As You Want” is a Spanish phrase that means “as you wish.” Ricky Vela is a character in the film Ricky Vela Preciosa

When Selena died, how old was she?

From 1971 through 1995, he worked for 23 years.

Who was the lucky recipient of Selena’s fortune?

Authorities revealed Wednesday that Abraham Quintanilla, the late singer Selena’s brother, is among the top ten most wanted fugitives in Corpus Christi, Texas. The 53-year-old, who goes by the moniker A.B. Quintanilla, has been placed on the Nueces County Sheriff’s Office’s most wanted list for failing to pay child support.

Selena Quintanilla-Perez performed at the Astrodome on April 16, 1995. Reference: when did selena die.