Hawaii is the 50th state in America and has a long history of recreational sports. We explore some of its most popular pastimes, including surf fishing, snowboarding and surfing.

The “hawaii zip code honolulu” is the zip code for Hawaii. It is 96710.

Whats the zip code for Hawaii? |

List of Hawaii ZIP Codes

The State of Hawaii’s Zip Codes
Zip Code City County
96701 Aiea Honolulu
96703 Anahola Kauai
96704 Cook, Captain Hawaii

Similarly, you could wonder what Hawaii’s zip code is.

Zip Codes in Hawaii Zip Code – 967

Zip Code City County
96701 Aiea Honolulu County is a county in Honolulu, Hawaii.
96703 Anahola County of Kauai
96704 Cook, Captain Hawaii County is located in the state of Hawaii.
96705 Eleele County of Kauai

I’m looking for the zip code for Oahu, Hawaii. Hawaii – Oahu Zip Codes

Aiea 96701
Honolulu 96836, 96841, 96842, 96842, 96842, 96842
Honolulu 96843
Honolulu 96844
Honolulu 96850 – 96846

In light of this, what is Hawaii Kai’s zip code?

96825 is the zip code.

On Oahu, how many zip codes are there?

Zip Codes for Oahu

Aiea 96701
Honolulu 96801 – 96814 is a range of numbers from 96801 to 96814.
Waikiki 96815
Kahala / Waialae 96816
Kapalama 96817

Answers to Related Questions

What is the ZIP code for Maui?

MAUI County, Hawaii is made up of 18 ZIP codes.

ZIP Code Telephone Area Code (s) Timezone
96708 808 Hawaii-Aleutian
96713 808 Hawaii-Aleutian
96729 808 Hawaii-Aleutian
96732 808 Hawaii-Aleutian

In Hawaii, what does the number 808 mean?

Living in Hawaii for the last 30 years, the word “808” conjures up images of pleasure, warmth, and, most importantly, “Aloha.” The area code for the state of Hawaii, often known as the “808 State,” is 808. There are various businesses that have “808” in their name.

What is the zip code for Kalihi?


What exactly does Hawaii Kai imply?

KAI HAWAII. “Community by the Sea” is the meaning of the Hawaiian name. Location/Land Area: Located on O’ahu’s southeastern shore, along Highway 72 between Kuliouou and Waimanalo.

What is the area code for California, 808?

The populated, developed, and unoccupied portions of the Hawaiian Islands out to Midway Island and Wake Island are covered by the 808 phone area code. The area code 808 was assigned to Hawaii in 1957, not long before the island became a state in August 1959.

What is the phone number for Hawaii?

Codes for Dialing

A three-digit area code (808) is followed by a seven-digit local number for all Hawaii phone numbers. Dial 1 + 808 + local number to make a long-distance call from one Hawaiian island to another. Before dialing toll-free numbers, always dial 1. (800, 888 etc).

Honolulu is located on which island?

Oahu is a Hawaiian island.

On a globe map, where is Hawaii located?

The state of Hawaii is situated in the midst of the North Pacific Ocean, about 3,200 kilometers from the continental US coast. Hawaii, a state in the United States, is shown on this map.

The “wahiawa hawaii zip code” is the zip code for the city of Wahiawa, Hawaii. The zip code is 96786.