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Histories of series

Year UA Winner
2016-2017 ASU
2017-2018 11 Arizona
2018-2019 10½ ASU†

Who won the Territorial Cup this year?

In the second half, Eno Benjamin stepped and twirled his way past Arizona’s defense, guiding ASU to a 24-14 Territorial Cup victory.

When does the Territorial Cup start? 30 for the 93rd Territorial Cup, the country’s oldest rivalry trophy competition. The game is set to begin at 8:00 p.m. MST and will be aired on ESPN.

In the same way, who won the Territorial Cup in 2018?

Sun Devils of Arizona State University

What is the history of the ASU-UOFA rivalry?

The rivalry began in 1913, when the University of Arizona in Tucson faced the Arizona Normal School in Tempe, which ultimately became Arizona State University. Arizona has outscored ASU 72–56 since becoming a university on December 5, 1958.

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Who is the holder of the Territorial Cup?

Series of Territorial Cups

Arizona State University (6) Arizona is a state in the United States (5)
2012–2013*; 2013–2014; 2014–2015; 2015–2016; 2016–2017; 2018–2019; 2018–2019; 2018–2019; 2018–2019; 2018– 2018–2019 2009–2010; 2010–2011; 2011–2012; 2012–2013; 2017–2018; 2017–2018; 2017–2018; 2017–2018; 2017–2018; 2017–2018

Is Arizona State University superior than the University of Arizona?

The UA is rated #121 in the country by U.S. News, whereas ASU is placed #129, which is close but not quite as high. Not only is the UA’s overall academic rating higher than ASU’s, but the UA’s sports department (#38) even outranks ASU’s (#49), according to Niche’s 2016 Best Colleges Rankings.

What is the location of Arizona State University’s main campus?


Who is ASU’s main competitor?

Wildcats of the University of Arizona

The “where was the territorial cup found” is a question that many people are asking. The Territorial Cup 2017 was played in Regina, Saskatchewan.