Illinois has a long and confusing history with gun control, which includes some of the toughest state-level requirements for concealed carry laws in the country. To understand your rights as an Illinois resident carrying a firearm to defend yourself or loved ones, you need to check out this guide by Nerds on Guns

What are the shooting requirements for Illinois concealed carry? |

The following are the range requirements for the Illinois Concealed Carry License:

  • From a distance of 5 yards (15 feet), fire 10 bullets at a B-27 silhouette target.
  • From a distance of 7 yards (21 feet), fire 10 bullets at a B-27 silhouette target.
  • 10 rounds from a distance of 10 yards (30 feet) at a B-27 silhouette target (seen below).

What are the shooting requirements for CCW in Illinois?

You must shoot 30 shots at three different distances in order to qualify. At 5 yards, 7 yards, and 10 yards, ten shots are fired. You must strike the black section of the target with 21 of the 30 bullets, for a total of 70 percent accuracy.

Are fingerprints also necessary for concealed carry in Illinois? No, fingerprints are not required to acquire an Illinois permit; however, submitting prints will expedite the background check, allowing you to receive your permission sooner. If you want your fingerprints taken during our seminar, you may do so with an outside vendor.

Also, how far do you have to shoot in order to qualify for concealed carry class?

You should be able to hit your target at any range, not only at standard combat distances. The usual civilian-involved defense gunfire occurs within seven yards of the target. It’s much better if you can generate rapid, tight, and consistent groups at fifteen yards.

How much does an Illinois concealed carry permit cost?

A Resident Illinois concealed carry permit costs $150 for a five-year period, whereas a Non-Resident Illinois concealed carry permit costs $300 for five years.

Answers to Related Questions

In Illinois, is I allowed to open carry in my yard?

It is prohibited in Illinois to openly carry a firearm on your person or in a vehicle, with or without a license. Even if you have a concealed carry permit, you cannot open carry lawfully.

In Illinois, what is the punishment for carrying a gun without a permit?

Carrying a loaded handgun concealed without a legal permit is a Class A misdemeanor on the first offense, and a Class 3 felony on successive crimes. A person charged with a Class A misdemeanor faces up to one year in prison and a fine of up to $2,500.

What is the CCW shooting test?

Distances for Shooting Proficiency with a License to Carry

Three distances are used in the LTC Shooting test: 3 yards, 10 yards, and 20 yards. 20 bullets fired at a distance of 7 yards. 10 bullets fired from 15 yards.

In which states is Illinois CCW legal?

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, and Wisconsin are among the states that accept the Illinois concealed carry permit.

Is it legal to use laser sights in Illinois?

They’ve told their cops that any handgun with a laser sight would be confiscated, even if the owner has a legitimate permission or license. Laser sights are also prohibited in Cicero, Thornton, and Roselle, Illinois. 8-20-060 Possession of a laser sight accessory, a silencer for a firearm, or a muffler for a firearm.

What states make it illegal to carry a hidden weapon?

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho (residents only), Kansas, Kentucky (effective June 26, 2019), Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota (residents only; concealed carry only), Oklahoma (effective Nov. 1, 2019), South Dakota (effective July 1, 2019), Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming are among the states that have legalized concealed carry in the United States.

In Illinois, how much do concealed carry courses cost?

The cost of the class is $150.00, which includes range time, a target, and ammo! Use of our rifles, ammo, targets, hearing and eye protection, and all range fees are included. On the first day, please come 30 minutes early. Bring a valid photo ID and a valid F.O.I.D.

At what range do the majority of gunshots take place?

If you’ve taken a weapons training course in the last two decades, you’ve probably heard statistics concerning the distances at which officer-involved shootings occur. The majority of gunfights take occur within a few yards of each other, and the bulk of those take place within a few feet.

What is the range of a 9mm bullet?

“A 9mm bullet travels at around 1500 feet per second. Before it falls, it will travel around 2500 yards.”

Is it necessary to take a test in order to carry a concealed weapon?

A driver’s license will not be issued until you pass a visual, written, and in-person road test. In contrast, the training necessary to carry a concealed handgun varies drastically per state, with half requiring live-fire experience and 19 requiring no training at all.

What is the usual range for self-defense shooting?

Many of us have heard data indicating that the “average” distance of a self-defense gunshot is just 1 to 5 yards. And, according to our sources, the great majority of such shootings take place inside 7 yards.

What is the maximum distance at which a 9mm is accurate?

If effective range is defined as the distance a shooter can hit a man-sized target, a 9mm bullet fired from a pistol has an effective range of around 1800 meters. If it seems like a tremendously lengthy distance, you’re right.

How accurate are pistols?

In several publications, the usual test distance for most handguns is 25 yards. Handguns with short barrels, which are common among concealable weapons, may be tested at closer ranges. Bullseye handguns are best tested at 50 yards by bullseye shooters.

What is a decent sight distance for a pistol?

10 yards

Is it legal to carry a 22 in concealed carry class?

You are not required by law to use a certain pistol. There may be a rationale for the instructor’s choice, but there is no legislation prohibiting you from using a 22.

How long does a concealed carry course last?

5 years

In Illinois, how much does it cost to be fingerprinted?

Schedule of Fees

Type of Submission Form (manual/paper) Fee for resubmission
Only for the state $20.00 $10.00
FBI Only $13.25 $10.00
State & FBI $33.25 $20.00
Adam Walsh Volunteers and the National Child Protection Act/Volunteers for Children Act N/A $20.00