Makamaka is the name of a new sport that involves throwing stones at targets. The object is to hit six targets, which are hidden in different locations across the playing field and must be found before your opponent hits any of them first.

Makamaka is a type of dance from Japan. It is also referred to as “makamari” meaning “ball”.

Makamaka, Ackama rosifolia – a lowland forest tree that grows between Kataia and Whangrei. The undersurfaces of the pinnate leaves have a crimson tint and sharp teeth on the borders. In the spring, the small cream blooms bloom profusely. Common throughout the northern part of the NorthIsland’s lowland woodland.

What does high Maka Maka signify, besides from that?

You may be interesting to know that the typical slang in HawaiianPidgin for “stuck-up” is “high makamaka,” which is derived from the Hawaiian term “maka,” which means “eye.” The implication is that a proud individual holds his or her head and eyes high.

What is pigeon talk, orpidgin language? d??n/, orpidgin language, is a grammatically reduced form of communication that develops between two or more groups that do not share a common language: Its vocabulary and grammar are often restricted and borrowed from a variety of languages.

What does it mean to be pono in this context?

Pono. Popo (pronounced [pono]) is a Hawaiian word that means “righteousness” in English. The state motto of Hawaii, for example, is Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ina I kaPono, which means “The sovereignty of the land is maintained inrighteousness.”

What does Maka stand for?

ma-ka, ma-ka, ma-ka, ma-ka, ma-ka, ma-ka, ma Maka is a newborn girl name that may also be used as a male name. 1: Maka is a Native American-Siouan word that is mostly used in Siouan. Makais means ‘earth’ in Greek.

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What does the Hawaiian word Akamai mean?

Staff of e-Hawaii Definition of akamai in Pidgin English. (ah ka mai) Definition: acute; astute; astute. In A Sentence: You can’t fool Kimo.

What exactly is hoaloha?

Hoaloha is Hawaiian meaning “friends,” and name was selected to honor the community’s collaborative efforts in creating the park. Beloved friend, in a figurative sense. e huli i”hoaloha.”

What does Mana mean in Hawaiian?

Mana signifies “power,” “efficiency,” and “prestige” in Austronesian languages. Its meanings are depending on the language. The notion is important in Polynesian culture and is present in modern Pacific Islander society; accounts from island missionaries brought it to the attention of Western anthropologists.

What does it mean to say “Aloha Ohana”?

Love, Peace, and Compassion are the true meanings of Aloha in Hawaiian culture. When you know what Aloha means, you’ll have a greater understanding of Hawaiian culture, where family (Ohana) and heart connections are two of the most significant parts of our society.

What do the words “Aloha” and “Mahalo” mean?

“Aloha” is a Hawaiian word that meaning “hello,” “goodbye,” and “love.” “Where’s the Aloha?” you could ask. “Mahalo” is Hawaiian for “thank you.” Because it is often seen on garbage cans, some tourists may mistake “mahalo” with “trash.” This one has no deeper significance beyond “thank you.”

What exactly is Shishi?

Shishi is a Chinese guardian lion (??) that is also known as a shishi. Chao Yuen Ren’s homophonic poetry, Lion-Eating Poet in the Stone Den(?????). Shishi (organization), late Edoperiod Japanese political activists. Shishi-odoshi are Japanese devices used to frighten animals away.

What is the best way to utilize Pono in a sentence?

PONO in a Sentence Examples

Neil Young: It has to be enjoyable; if it isn’t, it isn’t worth doing. Music is about having a wonderful time while experiencing your spirit, whether it makes you laugh or weep, as long as you feel all you can. Pono’s goal is to do this.

What are polysemous words, and what do they mean?

polysemous. When a word or phrase has several meanings, it is said to be polysemous. Polysemous is a favorite of word lovers since it’s all about the meanings of words — and there are a lot of them in this instance. Monosemous, on the other hand, characterizes words that have just one meaning.

What does the word lokahi mean?

It denotes balance and harmony. It’s not as straightforward as ‘Yin-Yang.’ A lokahi may include a large number of people or objects. Some of them may genuinely be in conflict.

What does it mean to be a part of an Ohana?

Ohana refers to a person’s extended family, which might encompass friends and other significant social groupings.

What is Hawaii’s spirit like?

It’s a sensation, an essence, and an energy. It’s known as the Aloha Spirit in Hawaii. To a visitor, Aloha is a greeting. It’s a greeting and a farewell, but the spirit of Aloha extends well beyond anything you’ll find in a dictionary.