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Do you share the same enthusiasm that we express on the topics that we cover in our magazine? Are you a firm believer in the idea that success requires perseverance, confidence, and critical thinking?

Do you think that you have the chance of fulfilling the things that we will request you to do?

If so, don’t hesitate any more and apply now. You may never know if you can become our next star writer. By following the guidelines below, you can ensure your spot in the next round.

Pass all these tests and you can become a member of an amazing organization that prioritizes the interests of the staff more than anything else.

Prepare and submit

Featured images Write for Us Prepare and submit - Write for Us

Write a complete article that will contain a proper introduction, a worthwhile middle part, and a conclusion that feels reasonable and knowledgeable. In this article, you must allow your voice to be heard.

This means that you must avoid being generic. There is nothing worse than an article that has no unique quality to it.

Our readers want an engaging piece of content. We do not produce formal research that only aims to inform readers of valuable information.

Remember that we are an online magazine that has to leave a lasting impression on all our readers. Everything that you write should be accompanied by a fun and exciting personality.

Write and review

Featured images Write for Us Write and review - Write for Us

Your article must be about a particular sport that is popular in the US. This sport should have sufficient information everywhere so you will not have to conduct extensive research. This is something you shouldn’t do.

Nevertheless, just because you don’t need to do a lot of research does not mean that you can produce half-hearted work. We will know if you put effort into something. Your article must also include ideas for sports betting.

How you mix the two concepts will depend on your ability to write and construct thoughts and ideas.

We will judge you based on your ability to formulate a piece that is knowledgeable, entertaining, and impressionable.

Avoid and prevent

Featured images Avoid and prevent - Write for Us

Avoid plagiarism at all costs. We will submit your work into an application that will check whether your piece is plagiarized or not. Note that we do not tolerate any kind of submissions that fail at this part. There is no sufficient reason in accepting a cheater to our team. We want honest and hard-working individuals who give their best in everything.