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Scheduled Events

Welcome to our website! On this page, you can choose the kind of event that you plan to attend or get to know. Simply click the one that you are interested in pursuing and come across another page that will tell you everything you need to know about this kind of event.

Super Bowl Events

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Super Bowl is one of America’s most cherished events. At this gathering, we celebrate the strength and resourcefulness of our people through the representation of select teams that aim to take home the glory and the trophy.

Our lives ultimately stop at the time of this event. We all tremble in excitement as we await the start of a match that can bring a new highlight to our lives. If you are invested in this event, be sure to follow us to stay updated.

Company Events

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If you are more interested in the events that our magazine hosts regularly or on special occasions, you can go to this page. Jersey Express is known for hosting fantastic events throughout the year.

There are digital events that you can benefit from and there are also events that you can personally attend.

Other Sports Events

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If the Super Bowl is not the only sports event that you are interested in knowing about, feel free to check this page to find other sports events that may entice your passion.